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Old School Kit for the Ages

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  • Old School Kit for the Ages

    Hello All -

    I have seen some amazing, impressive, and innovative setups on this site and thought it was time to share my own. My acoustic setup is one that has served me well with some of the drums dating back to when I first started taking lessons back in 1976. Many bands and concerts later they now reside in the so named semi retired "drum room". Each tom carriers a memory of rock and roll, lights, excitement, and memories of a "better vanished time". Of course there is nothing like jamming to a few rock classics every now and then.

    All Slingerland toms (6" - 16" mounted, 16-18-20 floor, 6.5 chrome plated brass snare)
    Bass 16 x 24 Tama Superstars
    Latin: Various cowbells, timbales, rotos
    Cymbals: Various - 22" Paiste RUDE Ride (my favorite)

    Fast forward to today. I was fortunate to pick up a TD-10 about two years ago and love it. I play along with my XM radio and just love the way you can mix in the levels to perfection. I use an Alesis Microverb to get that stadium reverb and bone jarring bass. I still enjoy just jamming with no music and the feel of the Roland heads is just great.

    TD-10 with extra tom on one channel (wish I had the TDW card)
    Alesis 12 Channel Mixer
    Hafler Transnova Amp
    Alesis Monitor 2 Speakers
    Tannoy Reveals
    Tannoy 10" Active Sub (100watts)
    Technical Pro 15" Active Sub (1000watts powered)

    Thanks for looking and for this great site.

    Looking forward to learn from all the Roland experts.

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    Holy rack toms, Batman!!!

    Sweet set up.

    PS - Dust your hi-hat.
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      That's a really nice a-kit Hemispheres2112 - I guess you were a Louis Bellson fan? 3 floor toms and all !!


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        That is an AWESOME A kit!!! Perhaps you could incorporate your E kit into it for one MEGA impressive kit!


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          Marine Pearl Slingerlands! I would so convert that to triggers! Beautiful kit.


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            Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Monster kits that would make any 80's metal drummer feel ashamed. Nice set up. Now all you need to do is get that e-kit to match the massiveness of your A's!
            Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
            "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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              Very special indeed!

              I take it you play the HH with your left hand (as the snare appears so far for playing right hand crossover)?


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                Nice kit...

                Don't worry about the dust..real drummers only need the snare and bass anyway.. lol.

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                  That Slingerland set is like a cross between drumsets by Keith Moon, Neil Peart and Nicko McBrain. I would assume you are a fan of them?
                  Alesis DM10 [eventually], DW Hardware, Promark 5B's


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                    Looks like those edrums need to be wrapped in the same pearl. I love that finish. Years ago, to my regret, I sold my first set of Ludwigs with the same type finish but in black. It has been a favorite of mine since.
                    TD-20 (non expanded), acoustic look DIY a to e conversion - some cake pan/ some crossbar method. DIY cymbals, VH-12 :-)
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                      All -

                      Thank you for the kind comments.

                      I have an attachment to Slingerlands as those were my first set of drums. The original toms are still part of my set today.

                      Sopranos, I do play right handed and you are exactly right the hi hat is a little too far away. Reaching around to get the 6" tom in play required some practice as I got familar with this layout. I have moved the toms around a few different ways to experiment. The current configuration fits me best.

                      Freis968, Yes I am a big Peart fan. I always enjoyed the percussive feel that Rush has in their music. The drums truly become more important then keeping a rhythm as they add color to the melody. I think Spirit of Radio is my favorite song.

                      I just wanted to point out that building a big acoustic kit is easier than it looks. About 70% of the drums you see where originally a diffferent wrap. I scanned EBAY and Drummers Web for a long time buying up good shells with bad finishes i.e. scratched, gouged, peeling off, etc. You can get them rather cheap. Even several of the Slingerland toms started life as a natural finish. I soon learned how to recover and bought numerous covers from the Precision Drum Company. They worked well.

                      I only point this out as a hint to some of the younger folks looking to expand their tonal library. If you have a wrap setup finding salvagable shells is really not that hard and changing the wrap is not difficult once you have done a few.

                      In terms of the electronic world this is where I need some help.

                      As a real newbie in the Roland world what is the purpose of triggers? If playing alone how are they used i.e. what for?

                      I have to be honest, ever since finding the TD-10's I have not played the acoustic kit in over two months. (Hence the dust.)

                      Thanks again for all the comments and I am learning a lot reading all your threads.

                      Wishing you all a Safe and Merry Christmas.