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Biff's Kit(s)

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  • Biff's Kit(s)

    Sorry guys. I don't know how to do hyperlinks.


    I'm assuming you have to have a myspace account to look at my pics.

    If you do have a myspace account, please do that 'Friend' thing, so we can add each other as friends. Please mention something about vdrums in your request, so I know your not some random, porno crap.

    Thanks for checking it out and "thanks" to all who have given me some advice.

    - - - Biff (drummerdan)
    Last edited by Biff; 10-17-08, 05:12 PM. Reason: more info

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    BTW - the top eight pics are of my gigging-in-public hybrid kit. The bottom eight pics are of my church all-electronic kit.


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      Adding pics to a post is very easy, all menu-driven, no html required. Just click on "manage attachments" and you can upload images to the forum server for easy viewing by the members here.