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My TD 12

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  • My TD 12

    I thought it was about time to share my kit with you - hope you like it. It started as a TD 6 last year, and has now been upgraded to the TD 12 module and mesh heads all round and an extra cymbal - as you can see, I've paid rather more than I would have done if I'd gone for a 12 in the first place. Anyway, I think I'm about there now, except to upgrade one of the CY 8's to a CY 14. I'm happy with the CY 5 as a hi hat, as it's one less thing to lug to gigs.
    Yes, I am a facing the wall adherent, largely due to space considerations, but I have a friendly wife. Sharp-eyed viewers will also note that (unforgiveably) I have one unused aux input on the module. Trouble is, it's hard to squeeze anything much else onto the old rack. Suggestions on a postcard, please....
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    My, how the little kit has grown. Nice.

    I can't help but notice that you have an unused Aux port. And there seems to be space between the cymbals on the right.


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      Thanks Michael - coming from you, I consider that a true compliment.

      If you look closer, the right arm is pretty full with the two cymbals and the PD 85 low tom. I have a spare tom mount and PD 8 with which I occasionally sit at the kit and look in desperation, awaiting inspiration where to, er, stick them. To be honest, an extra pad would be only really used for cowbells and a gong, whereas the current PD 8 is used for all these and a splash, but I don't want that spare port to heal over due to lack of use...

      Maybe a new rack with a bit more space will be the way forward - just as I thought I'd recovered from GAS.


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        nice kit!
        oh and don't listen to michael and do NOT visit his web page. it's addictive and gas will catch you.


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          Sweet rig !!!!! Looks comfy and fun to play !!!!!
          Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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              Thanks for the tip Davey - I know you've been this route before me! Do you have a photo of yours as it stands now? Yes, that could work for me - I hadn't thought of the TD10 rack, and for that sort of money why wouldn't you? Already using a snare stand for the PD 125 - just one gig using it on the small bar persuaded me of the wisdom of doing that!

              Thanks for your kind comments Eric and gostviper! Yes, it is comfy to play: the aim is to have the kit so comfortably and ergonomically set up that I can theoretically be sure of hitting everything with my eyes closed - I get that around 90% of the time! The only limit I find with racks is that it would be nice to get the toms a bit lower and flatter in relation to the snare and floor tom, but I'm reasonably happy with it as it stands.