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vic firth playalong track

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  • vic firth playalong track

    Hey guys and gals, just thought i'd post up an mp3 of a recording i did, using cubase and a modified kit from the td9 module.
    its 'Still Waiting' (Sterr played it in the vic firth playalongs) ive taken ideas from the original and also implemented some of my own taste.. this took one take; was quite happy with the end result.

    let me know watcha think

    (right click, save as)
    http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/6475...iting-josh.mp3 (6mb)


    -- audi
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    Nice one! I guess I'd better keep practicing!
    Disclaimer: The above was posted by a complete looney, and does not represent the opinion of the Management. Use at your own risk.


    • #3
      it sounds so professional! great job man


      • #4
        thanks fellas! i was actually really suprised at how good the td9 sounded.. and there wasnt 'that' much postmixing at all in cubase, just added a reverb effect to both and fixed some levels...


        -- audi


        • #5
          Hi audi-tone,

          I did enjoy it!

          Are all the drums your playing?

          And where do I get such play-along stuff?



          • #6
            yeh dude, the whole drum track is my playing

            have a search on google and some 'other' sites you might find something
            (not too sure what the go is with torrents here :s )


            -- audi


            • #7
              Great job man, solid with a good groove. Keep spanking them....
              TD-12KV-BK, PM-30, Yorkville LS200P, Korg D888