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tripp2k's kit

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  • tripp2k's kit

    I use the Roland amp setup for both v-drums and Digitech GSP-1101. I'm a hack at all the instruments I play (drums, guitar, bass, keys, vocals), but it keeps me sane.

    I built this kit by piece-parting it together over time as disposable cash-flow allowed.

    Updated pics 5/9/2010 (had a wee bit of GAS and went larger in some areas and added a tom):

    I shouldn't leave out my other babies:
    Taylor 414ce
    Taylor NS32ce
    Fender John Mayer Strat
    Fender '52 American Vintage Tele
    Fender Eric Johnson Strat
    Fender '64 Deluxe Amp
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    Hi Tripp2K,

    That's a neat kit - nicely assembled and good use of budget - looks really ergonomic too.

    If you're after cable management you can get good stuff at the auto accessories stores (split plastic tubing, curly plastic covering and some velcro ties). I just finished the cabling mgmt on my kit and it makes the appearance much more professional as well as helping avoid cable snags and subsequent damage to cables and ports.


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      Clean looking kit you have tripp2k!


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        Nice ride, dude. Thanks for sharing.
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          Agreed, thanks for posting the pictures!

          ok, so which do you like better overall, the CY-12's or the KitToy's?

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            ^ Thanks guys!

            I just got the CY-12s this week and I guess I have to say I really like the swinging motion and feel of the CYs. Out of fairness, I never did set the KTs up with Mike's swing system. Cymbal swells seem to come off a bit better (more realistic) and even though I never thought much about choking the cymbals, it is nice to have. The one thing I do notice is the rubberiness (word?) of the CYs so I'm trying to get used to it. It's really nice to have the best of both worlds and the KTs are setup for splash on left and china on the right. The KT response is extremely quick and sensitive which makes the tap on them nice for this role. I've been doing all my stuff through Superior so I need to spend some time getting the module setup for using the module for the audio to give that amp system a workout.
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              How does the stick noise compare between the two?


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                KTs are louder, but seem to be more sensitive which makes their role as an accent perfect. Just a touch needed for accent fills versus the full onslaught of a crash where stick noise is more obvious. I took the pictures right after I received the 2nd CY-12 and reconfigured my setup. Really like this config and easy to get around in.
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                  Very nice set up, top gear, like it, similar to how i built mine up... TD12 - CY12's - nice amps too.

                  Thought about making some deeper drums with custom wrap next like mine?

                  aha! were similar age and same gut he he, can't get rid of the damn thing even after biking, must be a 40's thing ...
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                    Sweet rig !!!! Looks super fun to play !!!! I say "Beer Gut Drummers unite"
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                      Why don't we refresh the pics a bit
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                        Nice kit, indeed! and a fellow Ahead drumstick user, too! Good on ya'


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                          Nice and clean set up. How is the Toontacks treating you? Yeah, "Beer Gut Drummers Unite" sounds like a good idea for a T-shirt. I haven't had a beer in over 25 years but the beer gut is still there....ah, hanging out.....


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                            Oh man, GMTA on the KT. I've always used mine with Mikey's mounting system but recently have wondered about mounting it on an acquarian spring. Mine's only a 10" pad. Your description of how you use it is identical to how I've approached it (accent, stick noise, etc).

                            I've found my CY-14s do great swells but it's a question of getting the module tweaked. I downloaded SuperPuss's kits for the TD-12 and she's got a couple that simply make crash swells shimmer.

                            Nice job. Thanks for sharing!

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