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My Acoustic TD12 - Sonor, Pearl, Roland, DDT...

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  • My Acoustic TD12 - Sonor, Pearl, Roland, DDT...

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum (i've been playing drums for 16 years now, 15 of them on an acoustic kit).

    Here are some pics of my acoustic to e-drum project. I'm using the new DDT Trigger Truss system which is really excellent! I had a TD12 BK set - but i really like the acoustic look much more There are no wires visible on the photo at moment (I'll post a pic with wires later). I like this setup, it's very comfortable to play

    What do you think?


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    I love it ... Great job, man
    Ask not whether something is useful -- ask what it is useful for.

    Roland TD-12, Iron Cobra hihat stand and bass-drum pedal from TAMA. My accoustic kit is a Yamaha Power-V Birch with Paiste Alpha-series splashes, crashes, and hihat. My ride is a Zildjan Ping Ride, 20" I think.

    Check out my TD-12 on Youtube. My page is here http://www.youtube.com/HerlPearl.


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      Now that's what I talking about! Beautiful! How do they trigger?


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        They trigger fantastic. I would say 50% less hotspot problems compared to the Roland Pads i had before and the sensitivity is really great and you'll get full (and correct) PS on the snare...no problem. I use a 12" Snare since it's even more responsive but i have absolutely no problem using the 14" Tom as snare pad (still correct PS). I really liked the Roland set (from the triggering point of view) but i LOVE this set


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          What a cute little guy. Excellent job!