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What to do with a N. California Bungalow Dining Room

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  • What to do with a N. California Bungalow Dining Room

    This is my workstation for work and play. Did some cable hiding tonight...

    I may not have a TD-20 nor am I probably worthy either. But I do have a nice drum room/studio/workplace!
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    Nice setup. I like the wood finish on the room. Is that a built in cabinet?


    • #3
      Love the finish on the drum shells. BTW, the TD20 is not a matter of worthy, it's a matter of fortunate (take my word for it!).

      Just be careful and don't spill that beer on your module!


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        I live in an Arts and Crafts Bungalow house built in 1913... for Sacramento's working class. Wood floors and wood panels. The cabinet is a "buffet" as they say and yes its original and built in. Makes for a perfect alcove for my monitor and laptop.

        Drum shells are old school first gen roland - in the dark they are burnt red, broad daylight hella pink!

        Spill Bear Republic Racer 5??? Never, best IPA in the WORLD!

        Thanks for the compliments...


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          Very nice. It looks cozy and fun. Do you do recording there? Post some!


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            Very nice indeed
            Ask not whether something is useful -- ask what it is useful for.

            Roland TD-12, Iron Cobra hihat stand and bass-drum pedal from TAMA. My accoustic kit is a Yamaha Power-V Birch with Paiste Alpha-series splashes, crashes, and hihat. My ride is a Zildjan Ping Ride, 20" I think.

            Check out my TD-12 on Youtube. My page is here http://www.youtube.com/HerlPearl.


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              Love the kit. Wonder why they stopped making those colored shells?
              Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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                Yeah, love the colored shells. Of course, the room's wood-tones make for a wonderful environment for drumming and drinking a beer, too.


                "I wanted to play drums because I fell in love with the glitter and the lights, but it wasn't about adulation. It was being up there playing."
                (Charlie Watts)

                E-kit; Roland TDW20BkV-pro modified; SPD-S; HPD-10; some vintage edrums for nostalgia,... .