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My New Yamaha DTXPress

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  • My New Yamaha DTXPress

    just picked these up from a guy in IL for $350, their in great shape, used them for church. My neighbors didn't like my Exports, so i had to get these, hopefully ill get to take them to Iraq with me also. i got them setup now so i can continue playing rush, even tho its harder on these than on my Exports. I also rigged up the extra pad i had to make a double kick pad ( the one that came with only had room for one beater ) and i went to the hardware store and picked up some tubing to make the snare mount. i also have a 15W Squire bass amp, it sounds pretty good on them . looking to get a pintech 10" concert cast for the snare and maby some Roland cymbals, thats prolly all ill do to this. let me know what you guys think

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    Looks like a nice, portable arrangement, and at a great price! Enjoy!

    Thanks for your service to our country!


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      How did you rig the kick pad? This is sensational, especially for Yamie users!
      Hart Dynamics TE 3.2, Roland TD 10, Alesis Trigger I/O Logic PRO, Yamaha DTX 2.0


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        Originally posted by 71-jazz View Post
        How did you rig the kick pad? This is sensational, especially for Yamie users!
        i took the guts out of it, made a metal bracket for the front and drilled a hole in the center of it. picked up a 1 1/2" 8mm ( might be the right size, dont remember correctly) bolt and a few washers and bolter the bracket to one side and the pad to the other. it works great too.