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One of my DIY kits

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  • One of my DIY kits

    Hello all, I've been posting for a while now and would like to thank everyone for there input, it was about 2 years ago when i first heard of e-drums and now i have a couple of my own diy e-kits. The following pictures are of my "compact kit". I purchased a floor model peavy practice pad set from a local music store for $150 (with rack). I made mesh heads that worked fine but i used them for another project and bought hart magnums for this one. Inside the pads starting from the bottom up is
    peavy bottom plastic --> double sided sticky foam --> piezo --> double sided foam --> cone (similar density to roland cones) --> mesh head

    this kit is used for jamming and quick recordings. i also have an acoustic kit converted as well as some roto toms but do not have the room for them right now. I am currently building a new home which should be done in a year which i have designed a studio room to fit my full 7piece acoustic kit plus a huge e-kit, guitar amps, mixers etc... I am using the td8 right now but i also use an e-drum which i built and it rocks. my dream is combine both of my alesis dm5's along with my two e-drums (22channel and 24 channel) with my td-8 (or maybe a 20) thats pushing 80 inputs (how many notes are there?) anyways heres a quick peak at what i have done



    Remo practice pad mesh conversion, Pearl Export A2E mesh, Pintech and TKO A2E cymbals, Roland TD-8, 1.5 eDrum trigger to midi converters (edrum.info), Alesis DM5's, Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal. 6 200watt EV SH1502 speakers, 200watt Crate Bass amp, ASUS P5Q Mobo, 8Gb ram, q6600 Core2 Quad, 3 TB's of hard drives, ATI 3870 video, dual 22" monitor's. This stuff is FUN!

    one of my kits http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.p...hlight=zdavesf

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    SWEET RIG !!!! Looks fun !!!!!
    Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.