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My Yamaha DTXtreme IIs and DTXpress III setup

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  • My Yamaha DTXtreme IIs and DTXpress III setup

    Heres the setup. I'm using the smaller pads which are spaced to match my accoustic kit so that I gain more controlled sticking. I will probably keep the 3 zone tp-100's and use them when I use the electric set WITH the accoustic (if that will ever happen, I'm stuck in a condo for now.) I want to replace the pads and get pintech pads like what WildWes did with his kit. (BTW, if you haven't done so already, his is definally worth checking out. Has a great great paint job and a really neat dual rack setup!!)

    Anyways, I think I'm going to try and swap out the RHH130 hi hat for the newer RHH135 even though I don't think I'll be able to use the PRESSURE feature on it without upgrading to the DTXtreme III module (way out of reach for me.)

    I don't know if I should sell my DTXpress III module or just hang onto it. I'm going to post a tread in the techincal forum for that question.

    I'm also putting up a RUSH mirror on the wall which match the Kolors of my set (except for yellow.)

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    Xtreme 2s

    Hey Clearprop, Nice kit, I use 2 DTXtreme modules and love them very much. I like your set up alot. Alot of guys wanted the 2s module paired with the smaller pads for gigging. I did as well for a long time also. Welcome to VDrums.com and goodluck with your kit. Wildwes's kit is gorgeous, one of a kind and his setup is also very neat. I havent seen him around for a while but if you do he is a really nice fellow and very informative. Good Luck, Tom
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      Very nice!!!

      Home kit - HD1
      Church Kits TD-6 and now TD-4

      wanna save 10% on your ecig supplies?


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          Thanks for the comments

          You can view what I wrote about this at:

          Search Keywords: Platform Foundation Tennis Ball Plywood Holesaw Mount Vibration Dampening Muffling Elimination Floor Condo Apartment Noise
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              Nice tip I just have to set up mine in my large walk in closet all the clothing hanging dampens the sound.
              Nothing retired.


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                Nice Setup, Love the RUSH Mirror