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TD20 meets MC505 video, clicktrack deluxe ;)

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  • TD20 meets MC505 video, clicktrack deluxe ;)

    Hey peoples,

    I recently got a second hand Roland MC-505. Wich is an amazingly easy to use sequencer. Sure to get some basslines running in minutes !

    Here's me banging along with some demo tracks



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    Now that's very cool Hans. Awesome playing. I just replied to your Youtube clip
    505's are very cool. A friend of mine writes most of his music using one of those.


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      Thanks SP ! The MC505 is cool indeed. I use Cubase 4 as my main sequencer, but to just get basslines (or more) going in a sec this mc505 is great !


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        Sequenced basslines are heaps of fun to jam over. Many of my songs have started life that way


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          I got a used MC-303 off eBay for use with my stuff too. Plays base lines and I've written a few songs on it. I like to MIDI it to my modules to either play the kits it has or to use the synth sounds in conjunction with my drum sounds. I also have an FS-5U next to my left bass drum pedal so I can hold the notes and then tweak the filter and resonance. Would love to have something with a D-Beam on it so I could just wave my hand. I saw a used MC-505 at an event in Santa Barbara, CA with Drew. It is a monster compared to the MC-303. I put my 303 on my PM-3 bass amp. The 505 would never fit there.
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            Hey Drumzilla, thanks for the comments man. The MC505 is somewhat bigger than the mc303 I guess. It's a little bundle of joy though