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Maxed-out TD-6... more inputs needed!

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  • Maxed-out TD-6... more inputs needed!

    If you're wondering how much you can attach to a TD-6, I've got your answer here.

    Stereo headphone Y cables are used to merge a single zone Pintech and a CY-6 into each cymbal input (get the same sound from the Pintech and from the bow of the CY-6). Use stereo cables all around. You can choke the Pintechs by grabbing the associated CY-6.

    The larger Pintech is usually voiced as a china, and the high tom is usually a timbale or second snare. I'm quite happy with the Pintechs as auxiliary cymbals... cheap and reliable triggering. The CY-6s... not so much.

    I'm using a CY-12RC as a ride, using only the bell/bow output of the cymbal. It works superbly in my opinion. If you want a ride for your TD-6, get this IMHO.

    The CY-5 is an OK hi-hat. The TD-12 and VH-11 together blow it away (see below), but that's to be expected.

    I'm using metal Gibraltar T-clamps in place of the plastic Roland clamps to hold the two side arms on the rack... with the extra weight on the arms it seemed that the cheap Roland clamps were on the verge of snapping.

    I had long wanted a larger TD-20 kit with 10/12 inch mesh drums all around, but now that I'm used to the smaller sizes I don't think there's any need. (Plus, my apartment is not that large... floor space is at a premium!) I *would* like mesh toms though... and the next upgrade will be a major one: a new TD-12 kit. I'll get an extra PD-105 and replace all the PD-6s with PD-85s or 105s, replace the 120 with a 125 (perhaps), add a CY-15 for a ride, and have a few more cymbals to hit. (I'd really love another cymbal in the middle to have both a crash and a splash in that area). I'll keep the TD-6 for the extra inputs and sprinkle the PD-6s around as auxiliary percussion

    One final note: the tennis ball platform works like a charm... this building has very thin floors but I've had no complaints. The kit wobbles slightly when I really start wailing, but I think that looks cool!
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    Nice kit!!! The setup looks a bit Peart-ish and the picture of your sticks made that obvious
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      Originally posted by rythm View Post
      Nice kit!!! The setup looks a bit Peart-ish and the picture of your sticks made that obvious
      Ha ha! Guilty as charged, yes Once I moved to the "ride forward" configuration I loved it.... those ProMark 747 sticks are good too... oak, very dense and heavy.

      This isn't as nice as my "dream kit", and was meant to be a stop gap, but I'm actually pretty happy with it as it is....


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        I need to add the tennis ball to my set up.
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          You need to add another module and some more pads. That will stop all that annoying light from the window.

          -Nice looking setup bro!

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