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Video Of Me On My TD-9S Drum Kit

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  • Video Of Me On My TD-9S Drum Kit

    Here's a video I shot tonight of me on my TD-9S kit playing along with song# 32

    The video was shot with my Sanyo Exacti VPC-E1 Movie Camera the Audio is recorded live onto the Sanyo Camera also

    I used a Roland KC-60 Keyboard Amp and a 12" Kempton Audio Powered Speaker

    Not using a factory kit, I made this one on the user kit #50

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    The video is great. Solid playing. The built in songs on the TD-9 sound really good. More videos please!!!!
    Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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      Thanks for the kind words!

      I will be making more videos and hope to post some audio clips when I get my usb interface adapter.

      The one thing that stands out in this video to me is the Snare sound

      The snare sounds on this TD-9 Module are just plain amazing with a little tweaking

      Roland really did a fantastic job with this new Module!!!


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        Well done and the kit sounds great.

        How are you liking the hi hat? Is it as easy to splash, etc. as it looks in the Johnny Raab videos?
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          What snare is that? Very nice playing!
          http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39368:TD-9 Samples
          TD-9 Owner


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            Here are the settings for my snare in that video...

            059 Custom SR

            Head Tuning is: -2 No Muffling

            Volume is 90

            Sensitivity is 9

            Cave - Large
            Shape 99
            Level 84


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              Originally posted by holdnon72 View Post
              Cave - Large
              Just curious....
              How does one go about decorating a cave with glass walls?


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                Nice video bro !!!! Tasteful playing !!! I liked how you played for the
                song and didn't overplay into a solo. Thanks for a GREAT video !! E
                Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.