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TD-3 config

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  • TD-3 config

    Hi, I don't post here much, but I thought some might like to see a couple shots of my current configuration with the TD-3. I have the rack on a small riser (2' x 4') , my seat is on the floor. I was having difficulty getting the toms low enough and close enough. I removed the top bar of the rack and situated the tom mount L rods as seen. I just moved the module to it's current location.
    I'm in an upstairs apartment, so the Roland CM-30 cube monitor is more than adequate for saturday afternoon monitoring when I want to disturb the wifey.
    I'm in headphones most the time, so I made washable ear pads for the SR-60s. I can change them out for fresh ones when they get funky.
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    You can get the toms lower by turning the mounts around so the L points downwards. Then slip the pad on from the bottom, stopping at a comfortable position.
    Hope that helps...
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      Now that I think of it, the reason I set it up like this was not because I could not get them close enough, but they were too close to go as low as I wanted. When I turned the L rods down, the pads were too close. I flipped the mounts and turned the rods down, but part of the pads were under the top bar of the rack. This works really well.


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        Intruguing idea. Looks pretty cool actually, along the lines of the new Gibby stealth stuff.