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My ever evolving Kit :)

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  • My ever evolving Kit :)

    Here's some pics of my kit .....

    Started life as a TD6-KW and is ever evolving due to GAS

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    Cool stuff Elmer
    That's some fine additions you have going on. The GAS I can TOTALLY relate to!!


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      I see you have a VH series cymbal *and* an FD-8 pedal. What's the FD-8 being used for?

      TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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        I use the FD-8 to trigger the SPDS pad.

        I sample the bass drum from one of the vexpression kits I use and assign it to the SPDS .... thus double bass pedals !!!


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          Cool kit man.

          Isn't it great how a drum kit is never finished ! It does evolve.


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            He he ..... it's a real living entity

            Adding more mesh, modules, cymbals, pedals and kits to the brain is so pleasurable ...

            I shudder to add the cost up but "you only live once so go for it" I say !

            next on my hit list is a TD20 module - 2x 125's and 1x105

            Happy Days


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              Just added 2 105BK's of ebay .... "I know I know"

              New and unused ..... be on the rack by Tueday eve !

              GAS again ....


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                Originally posted by Elmer View Post
                Just added 2 105BK's of ebay .... "I know I know"

                New and unused ..... be on the rack by Tueday eve !

                GAS again ....
                Cool stuff on your new purchases
                and I hear you again on the GAS my friend....

                I have a TD20, TMC-6, Kit Toys crash with electronic choke (the first one in existence), a pair of A-cymbals (for E-conversion) and another rack (to add to my current one) on their way to my place as we speak (or type)....and last week I purchased two double stick holders, a pair of mallets, a pair of brushes, a pair of carbon fibre sticks, a bag of piezo's and other DIY parts and tickets to all the clinics and the main event HERE


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                  Gas is quietening down now


                  Nice looking kit Elmer, that stand looks great, just begging for a new module he he

                  I got this TD6 KX kit last autumn to learn drums, over the last months gas kicked in but i think i'm actually satisfied now OMG!

                  Since purchase of the TD6 KX i have ...

                  Upgraded KD8 to Jobeky Mesh kick
                  Tom 3 to Stainless Steel 10" Jobeky
                  TD6V to TD12

                  Added to the side of my rack down right side so i could seat the TD12 there, i got these bits off a guy who was breaking a TD10 rack on Ebay (£20) i had the front curved pipe, leg, T - Clamp and support strut.

                  Shortened cymbal arm on left by high hat to make a cute looking and lighter arm.

                  Cymbals - Added 1 x CY12 and a Yamaha CY150 s as ride so now i have CY8 (china) 2 x CY12 (crashes) and the Yammy ride.

                  Finally (not in pic) i have a DW 9000 Bass Pedal and a new belt on the way (Ebay £100, only 6 months old)

                  I only have 4 x 5ft space so it's a nice compact quality kit and i'm basically done ... unless



                  I see it as a great hobby and it helps my stress in a big way ... Just built my own 12" e - snare but have realised you can spend quite a bit doing this (gas again) you start off with a cheap half tom and mesh but then it's mmm do i get a sparkle wrap? mmm maybe a Roland Mesh head is better? a decent rim protector from UFO? he he pretty soon you are up to £80 so i shelved the idea for a while.
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                  FACEBOOK me at ... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...83235555050736
                  :eek: ...
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                    Do you hit your head when you get up at night?
                    Music is not my passion, it's my obsession...
                    You Tube Scychful


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                      Elmer, it looks like your kit is in a man cave, is it?
                      Music is not my passion, it's my obsession...
                      You Tube Scychful


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                        I know what your up to SuperPuss & daveybabes ......

                        I'm guessing you two work for Roland and are globally place to set weak willed Gassers like me to spend more on the beautiful V .... ?

                        I've pondered over you setups and see I have too expand - expand - expand (in a darlek style voice - Doctor Who if you need to google the ref)

                        And all is housed in my "cave" ..... lol

                        havyck, you couldn't have put it better .... Man zone it certainly is, at least in this family .... my wife looks at me sat in the "cave" and shakes her head with a rye smile on her face ....

                        ..... the look that says, "I can buy equal amounts of shoes & bags to your drums"

                        hehehe ....
                        Last edited by Elmer; 04-21-08, 02:03 PM.


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                          LOL Elmer!!! ....and LOL about the Darleks too! Perhaps a tardis will allow us to go ahead in time and pick up a second hand TD30 cheap

                          My TMC-6 should be here any day now and my new rack arrives this week. I've have visions of a Jman style monster kit in my head!!!

                          ....and I did work for Roland in the early 90's too!!


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                            ....and I did work for Roland in the early 90's too!!
                            See .... see .... I knew it !


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                              lol .........