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My Drum Evolution

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  • My Drum Evolution

    hi all,

    lurker on these forums for a long time. thought I would post my progress with my kit. I have had multiple iterations of my drums over the last 20 years. I had some el cheapo drum shells from my Pearl Export drums that I got back in high school circa 2002. I stripped the original maroon wrap off those and hardware and sanded everything down.

    Version 2: I wrapped my drums in chrome wrap which I got from an automotive wrapping company. My cymbals were all the late JMan's stealth triggers on Wuhan Cymbals. I was using 682Drums heads and playing these through a TD-12. Version 1 was essentially the same, but I was using a Alesis Trigger iO instead of the TD-12. I was triggering Addictive Drums but I had a lot of problems with the hi-hat and dynamics, so much so that I ditched it and bought a used TD-12 and just played with the in built sounds.

    Version 3: I re-wrapped my drums, this time in a woodgrain finish that I bought from a furniture company. I replaced JMan's cymbals with a selection of Roland and Yamaha cymbals. I made a foray back into VST drums by using Superior 2.0 through my White MacBook and the TD-12 with a USB-Midi Cable. Very happy with the result overall in terms of sound quality, but latency was still an issue, and I wasn't so keen on the smaller cymbals.

    Version 4: Same drums as Version 3, but I went with some more JMAN cymbals for the ride and a crash as I wanted to have realistic sized cymbals.

    Version 5: After a 3-4 year hiatus, I decided to get back into things now that I had some space in my apartment again. I rewrapped my drums in a leather vinyl wrap. I remade the triggers using a combine of Drone Triggers and some hardware that looks suspiciously like Drum-Tec Radial triggers. My snare drum is a fluoro acrylic snare 14 x 6.5 drum with gold hardware. I got the shell from Alibaba and bought the hardware separately. Overall, I'm quite happy with the result. This time using Drum-Tec Mesh heads, and a UFO Drums bass trigger. I bought new ATV cymbals, and some Yamaha cymbals and went for the eDrumin10. This is wired to a iMac and triggering Superior Drummer 3.0.
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    Looks great. Some of the pictures are tiny though, got any bigger ones?
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      Hmm... good point good point. It seems that only thumbnails are loaded.


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        Very nice.
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          20201219_180237~2.jpg 20200315_192854.jpg 20201219_180418.jpg
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            So my kit consists of:

            10", 12", 14", 16" Toms
            14" x 6.5" Custom Fluoro Acrylic Snare Drum
            22" Bass drum
            Yamaha PCY-155 as Hi Hat cymbal
            Roland VH-11 Hi Hat controller
            ATV 18" Ride Cymbal
            ATV 14" Crash Cymbal
            ATV 17" China Cymbal
            Yamaha PCY-155 Crash Cymbal
            Yamaha PCY-135 Crash/FX Cymbal
            Yamaha PCY-135 Crash/FX Cymbal
            Roland CY-12 Hi hat Cymbal now being used as an FX cymbal
            All routed through 2 eDrumin10's going into my iMac and Superior 3.0

            Still to get my Resident audio T2 interface working, and still a lot of tweaking to do to get my kit dialled in correctly, but I finally have all the components together at least.

            More to follow..
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              Awesome looking set. Really influences me on revamping mine a little.

              Quick question, I am currently using DTX502 to trigger VST. Would you suggest a eDrumin10? I am wanting a little more expansion of course.
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                Originally posted by deathbyart View Post
                Awesome looking set. Really influences me on revamping mine a little.
                Quick question, I am currently using DTX502 to trigger VST. Would you suggest a eDrumin10? I am wanting a little more expansion of course.
                I purchased 2 eDrumin 10's and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I know that for specific things there will be better out there (e.g. the Roland Digital Ride in a TD-50 probably performs better than my ATV 18" in an eDrumin) but as an all-rounder, the eDrumin can't be beat!


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                  Are these metal cymbals equipped with triggers? I quite liked newer Zildjian low noise perforated ones I tried recently in a shop, way quieter than 1 edition one I tried years ago, very natural rebound how do they work...
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