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Introducing my 2020 kit

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  • Introducing my 2020 kit

    Took me a decade to finally complete my kit!
    Everything except cables, kit toys & hardware was purchased from VDrum members

    I couldn't have done it without the support & help of this great community!
    Hopefully you guys approve of what I did with your babies!!

    Apologies for the poor quality of the overhead shots

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Special thanks & shoutout to ach987, kurtus420, csnow, monospace, dmitri_s
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    BRAINS :
    TD-30 + MegaDrums32

    VST :
    Metal Foundry

    PADS :
    HiHats (CY5 / FD9)
    Ride (CY15R)
    Kick (KD140)
    Snare (PD125X)
    10 Cymbals (4 x CY8 / 3 x KitToy Chinas 10",13",15" / 3 x KitToy Splashes 6",8",10")
    5 Toms (2 x PD125X / 2 x PD105X / PDX8)

    GEAR :
    DW5000 Double Pedals
    Gibraltar Hardware & Throne
    Hosa & Roland Cables
    ProMark Sticks
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    This kit is a monster! Nice one
    Any reason you go the CY5/FD9 route instead of VH11 or so?


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      Originally posted by ant0n1 View Post
      This kit is a monster! Nice one
      Any reason you go the CY5/FD9 route instead of VH11 or so?
      I had tried the FD8 and already had one go bad on me... so that was not an option...
      Plus I wanted to make sure I had no worries triggering wrong hat sounds (I read others had problems calibrating their VHxx correctly without user fixes, especially concerning constant foot chicks...)

      I might try one for myself if I ever find a bargain, but honestly the control & response of the CY5/FD9 was pretty much spot on right out of the box
      I'm notoriously undisciplined as far as foot chicks go and yet I can pump away at this thing constantly without any worry of wear & tear or misfires...

      Basically right now if I had the extra cash I'd still buy a couple more cymbals/pads than go for a VHxx (4 rototoms next )