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Here it is. Roland TD-27 VAD506

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  • Here it is. Roland TD-27 VAD506

    A1C2E9D0-1BC2-4B65-AD5D-D7DE7010149E.jpegEE84C103-7C9A-41F1-BD3B-E216FC20DD3E.jpegB7DA151F-DD8B-42CE-BDB8-C196395BA428.jpeg Well here it is. Roland TD-27 VAD506. I think I’m the first one. It’s nice. I added a CY-15 as a China. I put it on my drum riser to make sure it would fit. I never checked that when considering buying this kit. Thank God it fits. 
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    about time for roland and a huge improvement IMO , congrats!! Would love to see vid!!


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      Beautiful kit! And congrats, you must be happy it's finally arrived. I have no idea when it's going to be available in my country (South Africa), but I sure would love to try one when they get here.


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        gorgeous kit. too bad about the module
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          Gorgeous kit! Looks even better on that platform!!
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            It look really great!