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    here’s a song i recorded using the td9 triggering sd3 (roots sdx). nothing special in the drumming or production, but might be interesting for some to see sd3 triggered and hear the sounds in context. i adjusted some of the levels in sd3 (e.g. main snare and crash up a tad) but otherwise it’s stock kit sounds straight from sd3. no stacking, eq or compression in sd3 or logic
    E-kits: Roland TD9 (KD8, FD9), Yamaha DTX Multi12 (KT10, HH65, TP100), Zendrum EXP (Stompblock) || Interfaces: Scarlett 6i6, 2i4 || Computers: imac, macbook || Software: Superior Drummer 3, Logic || Monitors: Yamaha HS7s, Yamaha DBR10, ATH-M30x || A-Kits: DIY compact kit, Mapex Meridian || Cymbals: Zildjian Ks, some As, Sabians ...