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RetroRambler's custom Diamond Electronic Drums set

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  • You're a legend Dave, fantastic shells you've built on this thread. Real "hall of fame" stuff.

    P.S. My diamond kit still triggers great.
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    • I believe I was the one suggesting to modify the trigger and pull of a layer of foam (which Dave also suggested BTW).

      I only said it because I've dealt with Dave before and I know if you messed something up he would send you a new foam. (I've gotten replacement foams from him in the past).

      All of this is sort of DIY even if technically you bought a product. I'm not afraid of modification but I realise some folks don't want to do it. If it was a roland set where you buy a whole concept with module and drums that work together then obviously I wouldn't want to modify it, I would just expect it to work.

      Also I wanted to see the trigger dave made but I meant that I wanted to see a picture with the drum head off. Not a dissassembled trigger.


      • Thanks everyone, especially Dave.

        frankzappa I have gotten A LOT of suggestions and "wanna see's" here and over on Rob's forum as well. As I said, appreciate the help and I realize that for the most part people are just trying to be helpful. But if I had done everything somebody has suggested I do, I wouldn't have a working trigger right now, not without having to put it back together which I am NOT equipped for right now. Unfortunately I don't have 27mm and 35mm piezos and 3 different kinds and thicknesses of foam hanging from the inside of my proverbial overcoat.

        I am NOT afraid to get my hands dirty. Go look again at my topic about how to create the 3zone Roland -> Yamaha cymbal adapter cables. I am pretty sure there is nothing anywhere else on this forum in that level of detail and illustration. First time I ever did that but I knew at least 2 other people needed that info. No, I won't pretend I was the first person to ever make those, but I had a set of drums coming, the story about whether those would work or not suddenly changed to "i don't know", and the rest, well it's water under bridge. But I needed to find out whether I needed a plan B or not and things just weren't happening fast enough.

        The whole point is, I wasn't going to go tearing foam off or anything else until I knew Dave was OK with it. I mean, would you go rip the vinyl off the upholstery and all the stuffing inside on your brand new car looking for a ticking sound because somebody on the internet told you to and then go back to the dealership expecting them to stand behind it? I'd at least want the dealership to be on board.

        Dave knows the rest of the story. I wasn't just thinking about me.

        But a pegged signal meter on a Roland module is also pretty hard to argue with.

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        • Closed per OP request.
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