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Thomas Lang tearing up a custom Roland kit

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  • Thomas Lang tearing up a custom Roland kit

    Every time I watch Thomas Lang play, I’m reminded of just how good he is...

    Roland TD-50 & eDRUMin Modules | Superior Drummer 3 | Tama A2E w/ R-Drums Triggers | FIELD, ATV, & Roland Cymbals | ACD Unlimited Pedals | Tama & Gibraltar HW | RME HDSPe AIO Interface | Mackie ProFX10v3 Mixer | Simmons DA200S Monitor | V-MODA Crossfade M-100 OEMs & Westone UM Pro 50 IEMs

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    Thomas is such an amazing musician. I always get super inspired when I see him jam. His technical abilities are unmatched and it reminds me that THIS is why practicing rudiments is so important. If you ever get a chance look up his session on Drumeo - it's simply incredible.


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      WowI gotta go practice and put in a request for a gene transplant!