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Acoustic volume of a2e kit - mesh heads and Jobeky cymbals

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  • Acoustic volume of a2e kit - mesh heads and Jobeky cymbals

    For anybody interested

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    Thanks for this! Want to buy the Jobeky L/V pack in a few months.
    Doesn't seem too much louder than rubber. Just a different tone more than anything.

    How do you like the cymbals?
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      i've seen some not so flattering reviews on here of the jobeky L/V cymbals, one guy recently posted that 2 of his stopped working and when he posted about it on their facebook they blocked him and have not otherwise contacted him.

      sucks because i love the idea of them and would like to buy some myself. may opt to get just a hi hat instead of a pack of 3 in case i have issues too.
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        Diamond Drums also has those cymbals, and he's quite responsive.
        There are options out there.
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          I really wanted them, but it sounds a bit louder than the rubber cymbals and since I live in an apartment, I am afraid that it will be too loud for me (my neighbors).
          If I move to a house, then I would try them.
          Ronaldo B.


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            In recerence to the acoustic sound level between Rubber and dampened cymbals. The metals obviously are clankier wood on metal. ( i own Both) Now that there are bigger rubber cymbals I would consider them. When I converted my zildjian low volumes with Jmam' s Stealthdrums I needed something closer to real looking and they did and do trigger fantastically. So if you want metal cymbals I would check out