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Jason Bonham on the Roland SPD-SX with Sammy Hagar.

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  • Jason Bonham on the Roland SPD-SX with Sammy Hagar.

    Watch Jason Bonham on the Roland SPD-SXólive on The Howard Stern Showówith Sammy Hagar & The Circle's track "Finish What Ya Started". Jump to 1:25 for the song.

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    sounds ok .. but (i'm sorry) it looks totally 'alien' in this context ... mind you his father played on a 26" kick and 15" 16" 18" toms ..
    it just doesn't look 'Bonham' to me .. ..maybe i'm not open minded enough.. ..sorry..
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      I saw this video awhile ago and thought it was so bad-ass that he was ripping on that Roland SPD-SX. Sounded great too!
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        In a different part of the interview, he says that he even hits the sides of the spd-sx for a different sound. If that ain't Bonham I don't know what is.


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          Looking to replicate that mobile kit Jason has. Can you tell me if this is all he's using? Or am I missing something?
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