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Covered "Rosanna" by Toto! Would love your thoughts :)

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  • Covered "Rosanna" by Toto! Would love your thoughts :)

    Hey all!

    I covered Rosanna by Toto on my TD-25KV!
    I would love your thoughts. Thanks so much

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    Very nice! You know I've listened to that song a million times and never really got how difficult that seemingly simple sounding beat is to play until I saw you playing it lol.


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      That's certainly a challenging song to play. Kudos to you for tackling it and posting it here. You might try the drumless track version of the song which is generally available on youtube. This may make it more challenging for you, but it is certainly worth the climb.
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        Thanks so much for the feedback, you guys!

        I recorded another take of this because my ghost notes weren't audible in my previous take, and I wanted to make my hi-hat playing a little less choppy.

        Wanted your thoughts on my new take!! Thanks



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          A very tough song to play. Good job.