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Racks vs Stands for Edrums - Pics wanted!

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  • Racks vs Stands for Edrums - Pics wanted!

    Hi everyone,

    I am obsessed with constantly changing my setup and GAS so i was thinking of using stands instead of a rack. The biggest thing holding me back and the pro to using a rack with edrums are those pesky wires we need.

    I don't have a very large setup and even considering taking my splash and china out of my setup. So I would have a 4 piece with a side tom/snare, 2 crashes, hihat and ride. Considering this I guess wiring won't be horrendous.

    How do you guys that use stands deal with wiring? I would also like to see some pictures too. Convince me stands are better

    See attached for my current setup.
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    IMHO your kit is begging to go to stands. It has a beautiful classic look that would look great with stands as opposed to the rack. I have a similar set up and went back to stands. The wiring isn't too bad, just use a lot of ties. I am out of town at the moment but will try and post some pics when I get back home.


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      I use a rack but one look at your kit and itís stands all the way. The rack looks out of place.
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        i took all crashes off my rack and onto stands.. because when i hit a crash i would also hear a tom (somewhere) i couldn't dial it out with
        crosstalk, and used rack clamp insulation.. so, i just put them on stands .. i used to be hung up with e-kit looks.. but not anymore ..
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          Thanks for the responses. I do have some yamaha stands so I canat least try this setup before committing. The main issue I guess is I will be gigging with a cover soon and when we are ready this will be my stage set. I do have a regular smaller edrum type setup I bring to practice. Racks for consistency, wiring and smaller footprint I think are better. Although with a smaller setup like mine with acoustic size drums I think stands will look better. Decisions, decisions...


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            heres a pic of mine with stands. Still love it. this pic is from many months ago. I've since cleaned up the cabling and made my own snake. it's much neater than this now. but not as neat as on a rack.
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              Thanks for the pics! I do like stands but seeing the wiring like that I think would drive me crazy


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                So below, bottom pic is my current setup. I was at a crossroads too when I decided to start an A2E project. The decision for my rack was partly based on the cabling issue. I've said it then and I say it today, I don't think most E-drummers ever consider what to do with the sloppy looking cables. With that being said... I have not explored further what I said I would do and clean up the messy cabling. My work kicked in to high gear and I just lost the time to fix this issue. It's still on my to do list.

                The true avenue I wanted to approach was stealth stands...

                But I was gearing up for my first conversion and just went the rack route thinking I could hide the cables a little more easily.

                Thinking about it now, I think I would love to still go the Stealth Stands route and be extremely mindful and organized with the cabling. There's a ton of solutions for cable management.

                My current rack would just be a nightmare to move. But who knows... maybe conversion kit #2 and take a stab at simpler kit, stealth rack and clean, easily maintainable cables.

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                  And I had another thought this past week thinking about this post. Just about all my electronics are becoming wireless. Maybe technology is improving to the point to make E-kits wireless. Just thinking out loud. Hope the companies out there are thinking that as well.

                  yeah, right!!!


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                    Like Kent said, I think some kit wraps and setups lend themselves to looking better with stands. I have used both combinations and for me personally, came down to the number of kit pieces I wanted to use. At home now, I use a rack but it's because I have a large-ish setup. Live, I use a MDS-9V rack but I use all Roland pads and it looks nice that way and is more convenient to setup.

                    For the OP, go stands! That's a nice wrap you got going. Some wiring wrap and cable ties will have it looking neat and orderly.
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                      Thanks everyone for their input so far and nice set Macarina!

                      You're right that with my kits looks it would prob look nicer on stands. I also did have a chrome pdp rack in the past which made it look nicer than the black I think. I wanted something lighter and with cable management inside the tubes so I got a used mds12v rack and parted out the other rack. It was really nice but a beast to move. I do mis that look more. Maybe I'll go back to a chrome rack and build an MDS25V type looking rack. It will cost more money though and planning. I want to use as little rack space as possible so would need to replace the outer wings with 24" tubes which seems to be the perfect length for my smaller setup.


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                        I totally agree, your kit screams for stands and looks oddly "confused" on a rack, sort of like a vintage car with tricked-out rims

                        A few of my kit-I think the all black of the aDrums lends itself for the sleek rack look.
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                          Yeah, that looks nice with adrums! I was wanting to actually get adrums but can't right now. I go back and forth and change my mind often. I am obsessed with thinking what I should or can change next on my kit(s).


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                            96max5sp, what are those 2 speaker systems are you using as your monitors? thanks.


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                              Hey ImagesByJDA,

                              Awesome setup mate, I have been wanting to see what the ATVs look like on a rack for a while.
                              Quick question that I have asked elsewhere but not been able to get an answer to (as yet).

                              If you were to set one of your other cymbals to Hi Hat (On the AD5 module), are you able to use the open/close function whilst controlling it with your Hi Hat stand?
                              This can be done on the TD-50, very curious to know whether it can be done on the AD5......

                              If not, What is the Hi Hat sound that you get out of the cymbal? (Open/Closed?)

                              Thanx in advance, I am only asking as it looks like you have it all setup well and would only take a second to do this experiment....

                              Sorry to hijack the thread from the OP......