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"Bambulka" (JP Bouvet) drum cover using EZDrummer 2 and TD-12 kit

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  • "Bambulka" (JP Bouvet) drum cover using EZDrummer 2 and TD-12 kit

    It's been a little while since I've posted a video here. This is my latest drum cover and it's a playalong track from JP Bouvet who, if you don't know, is a KILLER drummer. You can find this and other playalong tracks on his website -

    For those interested in my setup...

    Roland TD-12 based V-drums kit (expanded with larger pads and cymbals)
    Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface
    Cubase 9
    Toontrack EZDrummer 2 (using the Modern library here)
    GoPro Hero 5

    EZDrummer 2 kit setup (Modern library):
    Using the "Dry Rock" preset
    Kick - 16x26" Gretsch USA Custom
    Snare - 6.5x14" Brady Jarrah Block Dampened
    Tom 1 - 9x12" DW Collector's Maple
    Tom 2 - 10x13" DW Collector's Maple
    Floor tom - 16x16" DW Collector's Maple
    Hi-hats - 14" Sabian HHX Groove
    Crash 1 - 18" Paiste Giant Beat
    Crash 2 - 19" Paiste Signature Full Crash
    Ride - 20" Sabian Vault Artisan

    I am also using a drum bus preset from EZMix 2

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Gear: TD-12 module, CY-14C crash, Yamaha PCY-135 crash, CY-12R/C crash, CY-15R/C ride, CY-12C & FD-7 hi-hat setup, MDS-12 rack, PD-125 snare, PD-85 rack toms, PD-105 floor tom, Presonus FP10, MacBook Pro 13", Superior Drummer 2.3, Logic 9 Studio, JH Audio JH-5 Pro IEM, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro cans, Gretsch Renown maple acoustic kit (Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, Gibraltar/DW hardware)

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    Awesome job! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

    My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
    E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
    A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
    A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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      Tight Chris! Great job and it's a tricky piece for sure. I had the UR22 mkll for a while. Nice bit of kit though I didn't like the latency, albeit very minimal. I sold it and bought a Zoom UAC-2 which was meant to have even less latency though in the end I never used it at all and sold it on. Your kit sounds great, I particularly like the rack toms using the DW Collectors Maple, very fat and warm.