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Double Me Over

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  • Double Me Over

    My lastest views on doing doubles around the kit...
    Don't even tell me us old farts still don't have something to say and learn! Just give me some ghost notes and I'll Purdie your brains out!:cool:

    Playin' for over 50 years (21 years 5 & 6 nights a week) and still lovin' every minute of it!!! TD-12 noob and growing!:p

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    great video! thanks for posting. i am guilty for not having doubles down. i need to buckle down and get with it. my left hand is weak when it comes to that but is my fault for being soo lazy. thanks for the inspiration.
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    Pearl Mimic pro, A to E 7 piece Pearl Decade maple, ddrum Deccabons, Ddrum DDTi, UFO X-bar triggers, Real feel heads, Gibraltar rack, VH13, PD105 side snare, Roc-N-Soc,Tama Iron Cobra, Iron cobra high hat stand, Cobra clutch, Pearl throne thumper, Roland and Kit Toys cymbals, Roland KC 500, Promark


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      Thanks carmine! Yep, defo more doubles needed in my playing!