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Aldi Meola - Egyptian Danza (cover)

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  • Aldi Meola - Egyptian Danza (cover)

    Ok, I found an old vhs tape from 1990 of me an a couple of friends jamming on a saturday night.

    This is a cover of Aldi Meola Egyptian Danza... we played this only a handful of time over a couple of years... we were just having some _fun_, remember that before posting a comment flaming us for destroying this wonderful piece of music

    We played better wearing hats, I guess!
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    Not bad. The mix is not very good so it sounds worse than it is. I get the impression you all know how to play your instruments well enough. And also,...as long as you enjoyed doing it!
    Roland TD9-KX


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      Thanx... The mix you say? There's no mix, that's (one of the) the problem... just 2 mics on either side of the room...

      BTW, I made a mistake in my post, this is from 1990, not 1999...