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Happy Halloween"Pea soup anyone?"

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  • Happy Halloween"Pea soup anyone?"

    Just for fun for halloween,idea from the film & the net,all chopped & stuff added in ableton then imported into the spd-sx,using the live delay also,ALL GOOD FUN Happy Halloween
    Td3-module,Spd-sx(triggering(kick/snare-sd2 sounds)Tmc-6 linked to the Td-3,Td-3 linked to the Spd-sx via midi,all 3 change kits from the Td-3 inc/dec,Diamond electronic drums,20"x16" kick,12"x10" 13"x11"tom,14" x14"flr tom on the left for varioussounds,16"x16"floor tom,14"x5.5"snare,Tama iron cobra double pedal,(chrome editon)wood beaters)Alesis surge cymbals,12" hi hat,16"ride(as crash) &16"ride,13" Smarttrigger crash

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    Happy Halloween! Didn't have time to touch my drums lately. Been busy building a haunted house for the kids. Fun times indeed!
    DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
    Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

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