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Simmons + Akai S900 + Synth industrial improv

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  • Simmons + Akai S900 + Synth industrial improv

    Here's a little something that I recorded a long time ago** with a friend on guitar.

    I'm playing on a drum kit made up of 2 Simmons pad connected to a Simmons SDS-8 module for the toms. The Simmons snare and kick pads where hooked up to an Akai S900 (or S1000) Sampler with pads input at the back (an option) chained to a some kind of old synthesiser via MIDI (that's why you can ear a synth on the kick and snare). I'm also using a couple of real cymbals and a real hi-hat. The ride is an old Paste Flat Ride (its very bright and the ping is really high pitch).

    WARNING.. this is an improvivsation.. it might drive you crazy... I'm not accepting responsability for any brain damage you might suffer from after listening to the whole piece

    Factory by The Arab Connection [1989]

    ** "Long time ago" = 1989 (ok I'm old as dirt!)

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    I'm old as dirt too! It 's cool to see you were into electronic drums and sounds back in the day . Look at yourself , not as old but more as a seasoned innovator. Sound better?