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Roland module as monitor/mixer?

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  • Roland module as monitor/mixer?

    Hi! I've been away from the VDrum forums forever (mostly hung out in the DIY section), but I have a question (sorry that it's a little wordy):

    I have both acoustic and e-drums (Roland TD-10exp with real drum shell triggers). I recently joined a cover band that is almost ready to "go live" and gig out. I will primarily use my acoustic drums, but if we are ever faced with a very small room, I have left open the possiblity of using my edrums. I will need some type of monitor system when playing the acoustic drum set. The band has decided to go with floor wedges (I've read in-ear only really works if EVERYONE is using them; drummer-only with in-ear not a good idea).

    I am considering using a Roland module with my acoustic kit to a) use 2-3 pads to give me some auxilary sounds (handclaps, timbales, etc), and b) provide me with a way to use my open-ear headphones, via the module, as my monitor (input from the main mixer board). With the TD-10, I would be able to:
    1. Send my auxillary sounds from the pads to the band's main mixer via the DIRECT OUT, so that the MIX IN signal from the main mixer is not sent back to the main mixer (feedback loop).
    2. Control the level of the MIX IN to balance with what is going out to the phones.
    3. Use my open-ear headphones out of the TD-10, which has a headphone volume control.

    Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Reading my manual, it sounds like what it is built to do...

    Which leads me to my other questions: Would it take a module like the TD-10 (or higher) to do this? Would it work with a TD-6? There's quite a price difference on the used market. I used to own a TD-6 -- looking at the manual, the drawback seems to be there are no direct outs, and no individual controls for volumes...So, the MIX IN will go back out to the main board via the OUTPUT, and I will not have a separate headphone volume control (adjusting the MASTER VOL will also affect output to the board). On the surface of it, it looks like a feedback loop in the making...Has anyone used a TD-6 for this purpose?

    Wondering if I should buy a used TD-10 (non-expanded) for dedicated use with the acoustic kit... Right now I have a pretty sweet situation: acoustic drums are left at the practice space, and most of my practice/learning songs is done at home on the edrums. No set-up/tear down to practice. I could unplug my current TD-10 and take it to rehearsals, but it'd be nice to leave everything in place. Additionally, having an "extra" module would give me a back-up module for any gigs where I use edrums.

    Thoughts on this? E-drum module as monitor, or should I just go buy my own floor wedge (I was thinking of a powered 15" speaker that would also work well to amplify the edrums, if I ever needed it)? Thanks for your ideas!
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    To summarize that long first post, can I use my TD-10 module to:
    1. Run a direct-out to the band's main mixer with 2-3 pads to give me some "auxillary" sounds (extra snare, timbales, hand claps, etc)
    2. Run a monitor send from the band's mixer back to the TD-10's MIX IN for me to use as a monitor for vocals, etc
    3. Not run into any feedback loops doing (1) and (2) above

    Is this possible with a TD-6V, or would I run into feedback issues due to the lack of DIRECT OUT's and the single volume knob? Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals


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      Not sure about using a TD6, but a 10 will work. Basic issue is, will the headphones be loud and clear enough to handle what you need. vs a wedge? I have used my Bose in ear buds I bought for $99 and they couldn't compete volume-wise. Best to test headphones with a practice session. For playing drums I'll do in ears but no headphones, too much moving around to keep them on.

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        I agree with your assessment, I can't wear phones when I play for more than a single song. I also hate the look of it, makes it seem like your playing to tracks and all that, which I'm also not a fan of doing.

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      Thanks for the response. I hadn't really considered that -- i guess I figured a sound source right at the ear (i.e. Headphones) would be enough.
      Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals


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        I play live on my td30 using shure in ears. I steal a feed from our pa mixer and run it back through the mix-in. On the td30 I can set it so that the mix-in isn't sent back to the outputs.

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          Thanks. I should be able to do that with the TD10, also. Does your band mic EVERYTHING (guitar cabs, bass cabs, etc)? We are going to start out not micing guitars/bass, and on my acoustic set, mic'ing only the bass and snare initially. My worry is if in-ears will block out too much outside sound...
          Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals