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A good low-weight monitor (Yamaha MSR250 / Lucas Nano 300)?

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  • A good low-weight monitor (Yamaha MSR250 / Lucas Nano 300)?

    Hello all,

    So I'm looking for a good monitor for home usage. My first concert is weight, anything above 15kg (33 pounds) is just out of question due to various reasons.
    Now since people here seem to be unhappy with the PM-10-class monitor bass response (no thump), I decided to go a bit higher in my price range.

    Right now I'm down to two options:
    Yamaha MSR250 (~14kg), $350 (used like new on amazon).
    HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 (~11kg), around $500 on ebay.

    People seem to recommend the MSR250, but there are very few actual reviews out there.
    Lucas Nano gets good reviews and it's stereo (which is quite a bonus), but it's noticeably more expensive.

    I decided not to go with Mackie Thump TH-15A since it seems too noisy and people are complaining about its build quality.

    So, which one would you recommend? Any other lighter monitors I should check out?

    And yes, I read the "Once and for all" sticky

    Thanks in advance
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    You've read through the 'Once and for All' sticky, so you know about this:

    If you prefer to not have a sub-woofer, look at powered PA speakers that have a 15" speaker. 12" speakers typically don't provide enough low end. Some might but most don't.
    MSR 250: small woofers relative to their power output (10"/250w).
    The MSR-250 has only a 10" speaker, and without an additional sub (...which will add even more weight!) isn't really going to accurately reproduce the low-end of your bass drum... I would forget about it altogether! (...despite it fitting your weight-criteria).

    The HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 isn't yet mentioned in the sticky I think, but it is very well suited for home-drumming (if probably solely for home-drumming...). Given your two requirements for 1. Home-monitoring and 2. Low weight, the Lucas Nano just might near ideal for your application!

    - The dedicated subwoofer will take care of the 'thump'.
    - 160 watts and a maximum sound-pressure level of 116db should be plenty loud for your needs.
    - The subwoofer is light-weight at 8kg or 17.5 lbs, the whole system is about 10 kg only.
    - HK Audio is even suggesting the Nano 300 as a dedicated e-drum monitoring system.

    I'd say definitively give the Lucas Nano 300 a listen if you can! As a personal tip, used ones can be had for about 350-450 bucks!


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      Thanks a lot for suggestions!

      Just bought Lucas Nano (only used twice for demos) for $500 including shipping, can't wait to try it out!

      TD-9KX (version 2 software) + Superior Drummer 2


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        Well that was fast!
        Once you get it, let us know what you think Alex. I'm in the same boat, searching - though less urgent.
        At that price (and maybe even cheaper), we're into a single PA speaker like :
        - JBL-EON 515XT - or even the brand new model :
        - JBL EON 615 - @ $500 and seen at NAMM 2014, which should be coming out real soon, or the :
        - Mackie 450v2
        All more or less industry standards, from what I gather.
        So really interested to know if the HK Nano 300 shapes up.
        Keep us posted !
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          Yes please do give us your verdict on the Lucas Nano alex_sh! It's very difficult to find other peoples remarks about it (particularly from owners).

          I've had the pleasure of examining it, but only listening to it very briefly, in a noisy environment. I thought it was rather lacking in warmth imo but it could have been settings or just the type of music playing.

          Roland's CM-220 on the other hand I thought sounded great with any genre, although all the money has gone into audio and not build quality, unlike the Lucas Nano. Still, you can always spend any savings made on a Pearl Buttkicker, to go with your monitors; then you'll have the thumping bass you can feel without the noise.
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            Sure, it's gonna arrive in a week or two, I'll post my opinions then.
            Not sure what my opinions are worth though, considering it will be my first monitor (I've been a headphone-only drummer up until now).
            TD-9KX (version 2 software) + Superior Drummer 2


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              The Nano 300 is great for home use


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                I'll say what I have said briefly before, the Nano 300 is a stonking piece of kit and I disagree that it is only good for home use. I have worked in rehearsals with a loud rock band, and it's handled that quite well, and in my current band - a little less favoured of the 11 position on their amps - it is simply gorgeous sounding. We recently started piping it through the PA (0.5 on the slider) as well but just to give it some top end add in, the bass player feels the air from the sub, it sits next to my hi hat leg, and he is probably 2 metres away. I saw somewhere someone said it was over bright sounding but I disagree with that and so does our sound engineer keyboard player - but I have tweaked my TD30 to optimise sounds. I plan to get a second one so I have real stereo pan for each side of the kit and that IMO will be more than enough for a gig, but yes, as a personal monitor - it will always go via the PA.

                Given it's only 10KG and I carry the Module in it's case, all my cymbals and this in one trip, that beats any lugging of those heavy amps. I have owned this for about a year now and love it.
                The sub/bass sound emulates a bass drum perfectly - how many people can say when they play in a band with V drums that each member, guitarist included, have said it sounds brilliant - my benchmarks are Mackie, HK Monitors and Roland KC880. This beats em all

                BTW, I did check out the Roland CM220 and its little brother when I was sourcing this. This was much better all round, not just build but sound as well, -
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                  Originally posted by charliet View Post
                  The Nano 300 is great for home use
                  Do you own one?


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                    Yes I own one


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                      Originally posted by charliet View Post
                      Yes I own one
                      I am surprised you would classify it only as good for home use, or maybe you have only used in that way?


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                        Yes, I have only used it at home. I think it would work at a gig at reasonable volume level. I like it so much I bought the HK Elements system also.


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                          I received my Lucas Nano 300 and played with it for about an hour.

                          Initial (totally subjective and unscientific) impressions:
                          * The thing is loud!
                          * The kick can shake the flat. No shortage of thump or the bass sound, that's for sure.
                          * Never assume that your custom-created VST kit will have the same kit piece balance on a monitor as it does in your 2-3 pairs of headphones. The kick is *a lot* louder on Lucas Nano.
                          * In fact, it seems to me that the sub volume has to be dialed down so that it matches the volume of the satellites, at least if practicing in a quieter setting. Thankfully, there's a dial for that.
                          * I got the impression that the mids are somewhat lacking. It's especially noticeable with toms and possibly the snare as well. When hitting a tom, there's a low-frequency boom sound from the sub and a high-pitched sound from the satellites, but almost nothing in-between. Makes the toms sound a bit weird. There's a V-shape-sound dial there but it's set to 0. I don't know, maybe it's just my kits, or maybe I'm too used to particular (neutral-like) sound signatures. I have to try playing some music through the monitor to see if this is a kit problem.
                          * My in-ear monitors sound better, but I didn't expect them not to anyway.
                          * Overall, I believe it is more than enough for home use. Probably more than that.

                          I'll see if my opinions change after using it for an extended period of time.

                          Thanks, all of you!
                          TD-9KX (version 2 software) + Superior Drummer 2


                          • Kabonfaiba
                            Kabonfaiba commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Thankyou for that alex, seems like I wasn't far off the mark about the Lucas Nano having recessed mids when I heard them briefly. I think In that case, I'll be getting some more balanced studio monitors instead, as I don't need the extreme decibels in my home. Again, really helpful to know!

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                          Thanks for sharing Alex. Interested in your comments. and will be interested in your future comments too, as you pick up experience with the new monitor. It wouldn't surprise me if you have some drum kit adjustments to make (sensitivity, loudness, threshold, etc..?). There seem to be a few happy campers out there already. You could always put out a new thread appealing for comments from lucas Nano owners to share their teething problems. Just an idea..
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                            Please keep us up to date on your findings. I am still planing on the JBL EON 615 when it comes out.
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