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First Gig With an E-Kit ....

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  • First Gig With an E-Kit ....

    Did my first gig with the E-Kit.... not bad sound but a whole different experience than doing a show with an a-kit. Way louder on stage because they kept bumping it up in the monitors because the guys couldn't hear it.... but it was just right in the mains. I have a td-6 that has been vex-ed... but using mostly mix and matched kit pieces for snare, toms etc . ..... one thing that did pop up was that sometime in the second of 3 sets the kick (it's a KD-&7) started only triggering every other strike or so .... checked the connections, not much help and seemed to be getting worse as it went. Got done with the set and had a plan..... long story short i had a piezo that i had gotten the day before at radio shack still in the car. I stripped about 3/4 of an inch of insulation off the wires and taped the piezo to the side of the pad and then taped the wires to the plug. It worked and finished the night fine. But of course when i i got the KD-7 home and checked it the next day it worked just fine. I'm noticing that sometimes what you set the drums up on seems to affect how it triggers, like a riser or solid floor and so forth.... am I crazy or does that happen. Thanks to listening to my ramblings...
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    Glad everything worked out fine for you! - A little improvisation goes a long way...

    Cool idea with the lighting, too!

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      Yes I've noticed the surface can change things. I've also noticed sometimes the more people watching, the more things start to fail, lol.
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        Definitely something i learned when playing on stage was that the other musos are often very used to hearing the acoustic drums and feeling their presence so a lot more drums need to come through monitors for their benefit.

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          I doesn't sound like this is the case in your situation, but it could be this: I used to use a keyboard amplifier on stage, and it had a "cut-out" to protect the speaker from spikes. It used to drive me crazy, until I figured this out. Everything was was fine until I turned up the amp when the band was begging for more kick. Then the amp would cut in/out (I thought it was cables, the module, everything but the amp.) Maybe what happened is your Radio Shack trigger was just a bit less sensitive and didn't trigger the module to send enough volume to your amp? To diagnose this, if you can recreate the situation in your studio, then simply turn down the sensitivity for the KD-7 module. If the problem goes away, it's on the audio/amplifer end, not the trigger or the module.

          As and alternative explanation, I had a KD-7 and the trigger started to go bad. It was an intermittent thing. I found a replacement part on eBay and it works perfectly. To trouble shoot this, try to recreate the situation in your home studio an then swap out the kick trigger.

          ​Hope this helps.
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            Great job with a live gig and an e kit. One of the most important things when using ekits live is MONITORING. If you use and underpowered monitor system for your ekit, you will underwhelm your audience (and other musos). I agree with jpsquared in that you prolly were cutting in some sort of limiter, it is notorious with amps and e kick drums. What kind of monitor system were you using? In anything other than small venues, you will most likely need a more robust system, or your own monitor system separate from the rest of the band. Lots of threads and posts on that topic.

            K ;-)
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