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Line 6 L3T and L3S

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  • Line 6 L3T and L3S

    I just ordered a Line 6 L3T and an L3S. I am very excited about this combination. This will replace my tried and true FBT Amico 900, which I just sold. My son's band is using this stuff too, so I needed a flexible and scaleable system. If I can ever convince the bands I play with to go completely direct, another L3T might be calling in the future. The more I read about this stuff, the more stoked I get. I'll be sure and post my thoughts when it gets here.

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    Curious now that's it's 2017, to know your thoughts on using L3T with the V-drums.. Did it handle all the frequencies fine? You still have the L3T or have moved on to a better PA?
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