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Paying for practice room

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  • Paying for practice room

    What are your guys thoughts about "putting in" for the practice room, ours are here at home in my little studio, I got a bit errrked the other day, the wifey said I was wrong, I supply the lot and the guys just turn up, I know if I didn't supply say the Bass then he would bring his etc, anyway I asked for $5.00 each per week just to help pay for stuff that may and will need to be replaced in the future.
    I got back "I didn't ask you to buy the presonus and the speakers and "will you pay the 20 bux gas to get to your place", fair enough the wifey says but I'm still a bit miffed.
    They turned up tonight with no money and that's set me off slightly enough to get input and the right/wrong etiquette from here as a lot of you have been through just about every band situation there is.
    I'm always wrong when She's right and I feel she's right again. If it was a church crowd I'd still feel the same, says a lot lol.
    So the question I suppose is "should everyone put in a bit to pay", the easy answer and the most logical would be "yes" but my wife is a lot smarter than I so somethings afoot that I don't see feel free to rip me to shreds, she has already, women
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    Listen to your spouse. Not always, but in this case, yes.

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      Short answer; I'm not sure it's reasonable to ask for money for items you bought on your own volition and would retain if one or more people left the band.

      I had a similar situation when an old friend ask me to help him produce some recordings of his material. I will preface this by saying that I was getting paid. Not much when you consider the time involved, but there was at least a little compensation. Thing was he wouldn't feed himself before coming, and the polite question "Can I get you something?" Was always met with "Yeah, whadaya have to eat?" I figured it was only 5 sessions, so I just considered it being a polite host. To his credit, he reimbursed me (without prompting) for the "throat clearing" whiskey he availed himself of and was offered to other guests "in need".

      For me, the shoe has been on the other foot as well. I was in a P&W band that rehearsed at the sumptious home of the band leader. He provided a drum kit, percussion equipment, amplification, mics, mixer, and bottled water. These were things he bought on his own and continued to own (except the water) after the band dissolved. It never occured to me to pitch in, nor did he request it.

      My advice is, if you resent doing it, then don't do it, or try to find a way to get over your resentment. If I am guessing right, you are the one who decided you wanted a rehearsal space in your home. Keep in mind that that comes with perks of its own. You don't have to lug equipment around, deal with traffic, buy gas, or deal with a wife, family, or girlfriend who feels neglected because you were out with the boys. There's something to be said for being on your own turf as well.

      Now, if the crew is showing up and consuming your groceries, it would be fair to pass the hat for next week's refreshments, but IMO, if you are going to ask others to pitch in for equipment, then they have partial ownership, and are entitled to compensation should they leave the band for whatever reason. Obviously, this could get complicated.

      There's a cutesy little pop psychology maxim that goes like this; "Expectations are just Resentments Under Construction". Trite, but true. Ultimately, you have to choose to drop certain expectations, or find people who will fulfill them. Typically the former is easier to do than the latter, because you have control over that, at least.


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        Thanks Guys, you have "women" inside you I have an unreasonable resentment..talk about stopping to count ones blessings, it's easy to lose sight sometimes. I think creating and moving goalposts isn't fair either. We all need a smak to get our heads in place sometimes, I'll take one now
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          I'm gonna agree with stickinthemud here. Since it sounds like it's a band you're in, I wouldn't ask them to pitch in for the "space". Maybe subtly remind them every now and then if they're drinking all your beer or eating all your food--one of them is bound to get the idea and will show up with a case of beer or a bag of munchies the next time.

          In my opinion, the only time you really have the right to ask them for money is if you're simply renting out the practice space for them to play in, and you're not taking part in it otherwise. But if you're part of the band, well, that's part of being in a band. Everyone pitches in here and there.


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            I don't own my owm home, but we are starting to casually look, and one of my requirements is a "studio" space for rehersals for myself and any band I might be in. I would have my own gear, which I own wholey, and I would allow my bandmates to keep gear there as well - practice amps, guitar and mic stands, etc. However, I wouldn't ever think to ask any of my band mates to poney up for any of it. Like others have said, while you are supplying the space, it comes with a ton of benefits. Myself, ESPECIALLY as a drummer, would love to be able to practice somewhere and not have to pack up a single peice of gear - not even a drum stick. That's worth whatever "cost" you feel you are incurring to me.
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              You hit the nail on the head there, hauling all your edrum crap gets old really fast. Having everybody else haul their crap is priceless.

              TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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                Come on now, keep it real I bought a TD-3 last night, folded in the sides and placed gently in the back of the bright orange metal flaked Mazda Demio, took it out, plugged it in..miles easier than a guitar and amp !!! (he yelled, )
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                  When I last played in a band (was as a guitarist)...Our drummer would beg us to practice at his place to save him the trouble of the teardown-setup-teardown-setup that would occur if he had to move his ridiculously large acoustic set. I think this was indeed "priceless" in his eyes, and I would have to agree. I would not however expect him to provide the additional equipment required to fill out a band, or loot his fridge. Providing additional equipment is really nice, but I would just leave my Marshall stack at his place, and tote my guitar back and forth using a practice amp at my place.

                  Anything that a guitarist would require was furnished by the guitarist, bass equip by the bass player and so on....PA costs, studio time, travel, and all things for the good of the band were split amongst all of us. I don't think that a $5 a week charge is healthy in a band environment. If you choose to provide the stuff, you're being really generous, but not likely to be reimbursed. If it bothers you that much, perhaps remove that stuff and require your bandmates to own and bring their own stuff, kinda the way it usually is in most bands.

                  The "20 bucks to get to your place" is a weak argument but I think on the overall issue your wife and bandmates may be right.
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                    ....looks like you're on a hiding to nothing with this idea sook..... I think the only way you can justify it is if you become the band manager, engineer, producer and agent.....


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                      I can only tell you of our situation. a band is a group effort and we all do our part.

                      our vocalist supplies the practice space
                      I do most of the promotion & stuff (website/myspace/booking/press kits/TV appearances)
                      our bassist owns about 3/4 of the PA
                      our keyboard player also runs sound and makes sure everything works
                      our guitar player, plays guitar with us. that's enough, we've been through 4 guitarists in the past 6 years! *L*

                      everyone does add their own thing to the collective band. at first I was going to ask everyone for a little cash for the website and printed materials but then I thought... why? everyone else puts into this thing in their own way. money and/or time.

                      its a team effort.

                      they do drink too much of my wonderful homemade craft beer though... I godda stop bringing it over.
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                        I've learnt how to be wrong, comes with a lot of practice, but from Guys, well I just feel let down in the end we do what we enjoy and this is fun stuff we do and worth no money, but, wait until we do a gig, It'll cost more than they think .
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                          Originally posted by grog View Post
                          You hit the nail on the head there, hauling all your edrum crap gets old really fast. Having everybody else haul their crap is priceless.

                          Well said, and my thoughts exactly, Grog.

                          My band, when we do play together, practices in my basement. I even sound proofed the area somewhat so the noise was minimized outside the house. Cost me about $100.00 in materials.

                          I never thought once about charging folks for this. Eliminating the need for me to pack up and haul the kit and amps back and forth each time just for a practice is such a luxury that I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

                          Sook, your wife was right, you were a retard about this, and if I were you, I would apologize to my band mates formally and treat all to an appropriate bribe, like fine Scotch whiskey and cigars, or a full dinner or something. You gotta do some serious blatant groveling with all the proper noises and grunts here, my friend.
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                            In the band I'm in, the bassist and I take turns buying beer for the jam sessions/practice. We play at the guitarists place in his basement which is a nice setup.
                            Its one thing if you are providing food/beer, etc to ask for money for the "space", however if you're not...I wouldnt ask for money from them. They are correct that they have to drive to the practice location usiing gas/mileage while you are able to walk downstairs and be there. Its a tradeoff.