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First Time Tonight

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  • First Time Tonight

    I used my Yamaha DTXtreme IIs for the first time tonight at church. Overall, it was a good experience. I haven't been playing much lately due to the demands of graduate school. I got a lot of positive feedback on the sounds and everyone seemed pleased. My main concern is reducing the stage volume as I'm also the sound engineer. The kit has allowed everyone to hear much better so far. We've still got some tweaking to do to get everything set to our liking. My E2's and Aviom monitor system makes playing much easier and helps me preserve my hearing. I also like being able to play softer and still get quality sounds. The module is pretty intuitive and it was easy for me to make changes while I played. The 3-zone pads are nice and really consistent in triggering. Just thought I'd share...now back to hitting the books. Got a 16-hour day tomorrow. Sure am looking forward to the upcoming break.
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    Hi there
    Know the feeling, Just finished a degree in Environmental management. Now I can finally send some time on my TD20.


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      It's no surprise you didn't get the sound 100% right the first time around. But it sounds like what you did was a huge improvement over the acoustics in that setting. Heh heh, what a shock!

      And thanks for the mention on the Yammie 3-zoners. There's more interest in them lately.

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