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Addictive Drums = Great on Stage

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  • Addictive Drums = Great on Stage

    Hey all:

    Just wanted to note that I have now played AD in almost 10 decent sized shows (for us, 250-500ish people) and have not had a single hiccup. I replaced my v-drums td-20 kit with a triggered acoustic kit with v-drum heads (except on snare, which I just muffle a mylar head), and just love it. I really thought running a VST would be shady, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

    We recently played a small show at a tiny venue for the band's b-day and attempted YYZ (which I knew better in 8th grade about 15 years ago)... although there are some hiccups here and there, it turned out ok (after 7 beers)

    If anyone needs any help getting up and running let me know!

    oh, and my band is at myspace dot com / utzandtheshuttlecocks

    We recorded YYZ, check it out

    - Beat

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    I'm a big fan of Addictive Drums too, what VST are you running?
    I'm using Abelton Live, and I like it better than any I've tried so far, but unfortunately it doesn't support aftertouch for cymbal chokes.

    Nice job on YYZ, and your kit conversion looks fantastic!

    Sabre's Album


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      Addictive is the VST, I am using cubase 3 as the DAW front end.

      I still play live cymbals, so I have luckily not had to deal with the cymbal-related issues yet. I play thin, thin crashes to keep the volume down, but most the of the PAs we play through (including mine) can keep up with the real cymbals just fine

      Thanks, it was the first and only time I will be playing that live!

      The acoustic appearing kit certainly goes over better than the v-kit did.