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Played a gig last night...

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  • Played a gig last night...

    Hi All,

    been a while since I last posted. So I thought I'd drop an update on the TD20 in China!

    Had a call on Wednesday asking me to play a gig last night. Venue was a new Italian restaurant bar in town. Downstairs they have a small stage setup with lights and the likes.

    All a bit last minute and all. I've played with the bassist once before (there's another thread about that somewhere - RnB nightclub wants a house band, but sick of them dragging their feet...). We also had a guy come along for guitar, we tried out a sax player and then finally had a singer for a few songs.

    We played a mix of jazzy type funk stuff. It was fun and we've got the gig for the next 4 weekends... yep, I'm playing again tonight!

    As I was setting up the kit the managers were happy to see the electric kit saying that the previous band had one similar... bonus points to the electric kit there then!

    Unfortunately the bassist drew exception to the VEX Ska kit which is my personal favourite... He listened to what I had on the card and he chose the User Kit default from Roland. arghhh... No accounting for taste! Taking my laptop along tonight to get a decent VEX kit in there!

    Will try and remember to take a camera tonight and post some photos! I think the mixing desk is also a digital recorder... might see what I can do there too.

    Exciting times



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    Well, here we are... half time at the second night of the gig. Things going ok... just played one set - have the laptop with me in order to VEX up the kit. Bassist (band leader) has been tempted by the 'Prog Rock 2' Kit from the Studio Pack. Got to keep the band leader happy - I'm just playing for the fun...

    He did add that this sounds better than the default kit last night.

    1 point for electric drums (from last night)
    1 point for VEX kits (resurrected vote after last night)




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      Sounds great Charly! Where are the pictures???


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        Good stuff Charly, though if I was in your position and a bass player wanted to dictate the kit number to use I'd have no hesitation in telling him where to go.

        Though I also understand the need to not rock the boat in a live gig situation. Just be careful his control-freakishness doesn't become too much. Sometimes easy-going people need to be a little assertive to prevent others from taking advantage of their good nature, but I'm sure you know this
        Still miss you baby, but my aim's gettin' better...


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          Very true Ramondo, a little give and take, I gave a little, he took... lol

          Hear what you are saying, but I think in this case it was ok. The big reason I was cool about this was that there was no fold back at the gig so couldn't tell what it sounded like out front. It's ok though, the bar have an amp and flashing lights, plus two big speakers, so the audience is kinda catered for (hmmmm).

          I know many people on this forum lug about their own amps and speakers etc etc, but this just isn't feasible where we are in China and for what we are being paid. As it was the Bassist also brought a girlfriend, 6-string and mixing desk on the back of his e-bike. So I asked him how it sounded out front and it was a bit 'toppy' so we flicked in another kit. Oh yes, on the Saturday night, the management asked us not to have a sound check. Wierd....

          All a bit of fun.

          Eric_B, there was a camera there - trying to track down the guy that had it to see if he's got any decent shots...