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V-drums going to battle of the bands

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  • V-drums going to battle of the bands

    My band has its biggest gig so far lined up for the 22nd. A battle of the bands. It will be a large venue and acoustic kits are normally mic'd. I have a beautiful acoustic kit but I asked the other members and they would rather have the sound quality over the stage presents for our first large gig. So V-drums it is. Hope it all goes well. Excited but a little nervous of how the v-drums will be received.
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    I can imagine not getting much respect from the other drummers. But hold your head high, and I hope you blow them all away. Good luck!


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      best of luck! show them that e-drums and v-drum rock!
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        Chad, I hope you win! And bring some respect to the V-Drums world.


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          Good Luck!!!


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            Good Luck!!!


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              Personally, its all about what the crowd/fans think of your sound and performance. I think you'll be just fine...Good luck !


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                Thanks all. As our lead guitarist says. "Screw them, who cares what they think. We will have the best sounding drums there."
                TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/


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                  good luck and be sure to have a plan for how you are going to feed your sound to the house.


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                    We're ALL in your corner!!

                    Just relax and play.

                    Keep us posted.

                    - - - The Biff-ster


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                      Good luck!!!
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                        Make sure you let us know how it goes. Sure, from the performance angle but also from how you setup, interaction with the sound people, other band's reactions, crowd reaction, etc etc.

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                          Thanks, and will do. One of the best parts is this battle is being put on by a local band who I tried out for a while ago. They were one of these bands who said "fantastic performance but do you own an acoustic set?" I must have been to only one to show up for an audition with Vdrums so they will likely remember me.

                          Perhaps someone could help me out a bit here too. I just don't have a lot of time to mess with it. In addition to Stone Temple Pilots, Greanday, Radio Head covers and 2 originals we would like to do one old nostalgic song that is ridiculously easy from drums but I would like to trigger a couple of sax notes (4) from my drums.

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                          TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/


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                            Safe Sax

                            I'm not sure what kind of module you have, but this should work.

                            You'll have to program in the 'sax' sound on four different pads. Then adjust the pitch on each of the four sax pads until you get a match with what you're looking for. You may have to tweak some other settings, but 'pitch' will be the main one.

                            Hopefully, you'll have enough left over for a kick, snare, hh, crash.

                            If you have a keyboard with midi in/out, you could program the sax sound into your keys , record it into your module. You've have a few options on how to play it back.




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                              Good Luck and remember the acoustic kits will need an effects rack six foot tall to pull the sounds your ekit is capable of.

                              Rock hard brother and stick it to em