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What powered speakers for vocals?

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  • What powered speakers for vocals?

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for some advice on good powered speakers for vocals.

    This is for a young band I am giving some advice to - female singer and they have about $500 Australian to spend.

    It will be for smallish gigs and practice.


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    I'm Not really up on the latest gear but I would'nt expect to much in the way of powered speakers for 500 bucks. The cheap ones generally have crap amps in them...
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      Let see, given the current currency exchange, $500 AUS is about, hmm, $10US or something. Just kidding.

      I would go with one speaker and buy as good as you can get rather than two crap speakers. The Mackie SRM-450 does a pretty good job with vocals.


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        Thanks guys, I tend to agree with what you say - it's hard for us (with good gear) to look at the el cheapo stuff - I looked at the Mackie gear and was impressed but I hear they've acquired a few too many companies and may be in some trouble.... though I hope it's not true because I was looking at one of the 2640 firewire desks for my setup.

        The best value for some level quality looks to be the Yamaha gear - 600W RMS head with 2 spkrs for about $1400 (which is a fair way over their budget.....but I'll aim them in that direction).

        Thanks again


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          Depends where you are, but Better Music, Canberra sells these Samson db300 - only the one speaker but decent enough and around your budget.
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            I'm going to agree with Mr. Render. I found the top end to be a bit smoother in the Mackie SRM 450s when compared to any of the comparable models when I was auditioning them. And, this is particularly noticible with females vocals. You may find some good used models within your price range.

            Whatever you do, don't let her audition a Bose L1. Our female singers won't use anything else. But, these are well out of your price range including the older used models.


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              I am not running powered speakers but we run vocals and even some guitar though my PA set up which I primarily use to monitor drums. 2 JBL EON 1500s powered by a Mackie M-1200 amplifier feeding off a Behringer DJX700 5ch Mixer w/digital effects. This set up has incredible dynamic range and raw volume. Mainly do to the speakers I think. One of the most impressive features of these speakers is that every frequency comes though the same volume. No "hot notes" .You may be able to find a single Powered EON in your budget which would do a fine job.
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