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I won the sound guy over hahahahaaaa!

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  • I won the sound guy over hahahahaaaa!

    I good (live) vdrum story...

    Last night I played a Freshers ball for the local University. Being the dilligent student and having read my stuff, I knew approaching the soundguy with my triggers was going to go one of two ways! Predictably, he grunted and sucked his teeth, giving me the speil, hes' got great mics, done 1000's of gigs and that he had some bad experiences with ekits - in that they just sounded crap, "the bass drums have no bass and the snares are flat and weak". I pitched the TD-20 (Vex'd) - he remained unconvinced. I didn't push, extended him some courtesy and set up a few mics on my 70's Vistalite "just in case". huh, yeah right I thought I ran all direct outs for him and stereo effects (which he didn't try to use, preferring to use his own gear). He said he had to EQ it quite heavily, next time I'll remind him of the onboard effects.
    Anyway, it was a 5k PA in a big venue full of sports students all getting hammered. I did a little drum sound check earlier on and then kicked a big beat, the sound man was sold. Man those triggers made that PA sound EPIC! - twice the size. The kit I use is punchy and the bass drum shook the space and people commented on how sweet the snare sound was hahahahaaa Awesome Praise be to the TD20 and Vex kits - and roll on the TDW-20.

    I'm due to work with the guy soon. He shook hands at the end of the night and gave me the nod. That'll do I thought hahahahaaaaa I told him I'd turn him Yay, stricking a blow for Vdrums and sticking it to the antiquated and the luddites out there. Just thought I would share

    EDIT: I should add that usually I do the drums sounds for our sound checks and the band balances the volume as we go - this is the first time I have had a sound man whilst using triggers
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    I do allot of sound and I wish acoustic kits were never invented! Nothing but a pain! Especially when fussy drummers say but I wont play any other kit than my own so you have to shift one off and one on after, nothing but a hassle with all those mics!

    So Thank you!!!!


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      Way to go! One convert at time. Today the University, tomorrow the Universe!


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        Originally posted by tomrbland
        Especially when fussy drummers say but I wont play any other kit than my own so you have to shift one off and one on after
        In the vdrums.com spirit of friendliness and good cheer I've assumed this is satirical, said, as it were, in jest.


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          I don't deny drummers are fussy! (Hey I am one, and probably one of the most fussy!) but v-drums make the whole swapping thing so much easier! Its heaven!


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            I was just thinking I hope you also say to the guitarists, "What do you mean you want to use your own guitar? That guy's Korean Strat copy is just as good as your vintage Les Paul Custom and surely you can get as good a sound out of his 10W transistor amp as out of your Mesa Boogie. Pfft. You fussy guitarists really annoy me."

            I get round the whole thing by being left handed. "Sorry, I can't use her kit - I'm left handed."


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              lols, we have a fixed back line that we carry around: Laney head and marshal cab, marshal stack, Roland 400w bass amp. We say use those or not at all if we have to have quick change overs. For a few gigs I have had 2 drum risers on wheels so we just roll one on and one off makes it nice and quick but that has to be a big gig! and as I'm 16 I don't get that luxury much. (I also have to borrow extra triggers because I like to trigger the bd and extra mics, two sets doesn't do 2 kits!)