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Chins on the skins

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  • Chins on the skins

    The weekend's Worcestershire gig went well. Nothing really to report except that I must get myself an 8-port DI box. I was briefly excited when I was told that the engineer would prefer the direct outs from the TD-20 (I've never heard the kit mixed by a professional) and then disappointed when they found they didn't have enough DI boxes - if I'd had my own we'd have been set. We used the stereo outs in the end and it sounded just fine, but it would have been fun to do it "properly".

    I gather there are more photos out there somewhere, but for now here's a shot of some of my many chins beneath a frowny countenance that belies the fact that I really was rather enjoying myself.

    Edit: another pic has come to light, showing the tidy look of a TD-20 with only the stereo-outs in use... and my exceptionally grumpy face. I'm disappointed to imagine that I must look like that all the time, even when I'm having fun. Heigh ho.
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    BIZARRE! You look exactly like me seriously dopple-ganger
    Check out shane presley and the miltonaires on youtube. I had a skin head at the time but otherwise....


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      A lot of people would not trust a sound man with their full mix. I have also read posts from folks who had good results using direct outs without a D/I. We go from the direct outs on our TD20 all the way to the control booth at church (at least a 100' run) with no noise problems.

      Of course, when you need a D/I box, nothing else works. Let us know if you find a good buy.


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        To be honest, one of the main things putting me off is the thought of having even more to set up. It already takes 30 minutes+ to get the kit set up (more if, like this weekend, I'm without my usual car and have to rely on something smaller and need to take the cymbal arms off the rack just to fit it in). Faffing around with eight instrument leads, a box (Behringer make one that looks like it would do the job), eight XLR cables on top of everything else might make me wish I'd taken up the ukulele. Although I might do that anyway. And the Theremin.