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Buttkicker Concert Mini -Glad to have it.

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  • Buttkicker Concert Mini -Glad to have it.

    The Buttkicker really helps with the whole electronic drumming experience. I have been a drummer for 23 years. The last two has been the most exciting when I started playing electric drums. As the drummer you often are setting the volume for the band. Electronics give you option of lower volumes, particularly at practice. Having that tactile vibration brings back the "feeling" of the music, which is normally missed when playing triggers instead of acoustic. I have always been concerned about hearing loss due to long term noise exposure. Now with modern electronics, and using I-Ear- Monitors and the Buttkicker, I have an uncompromised experience of incredible sounds and feel and at safer volumes. After talking with Chris at Vexpressions web site, I was happy to hear that I would be okay with the less expensive and lighter Buttkicker Concert Mini rather than its expensive and bulky big brother. His walk through on the proper settings addressed the "fried" amps problem that many have complained about with this unit and its twin brother, the Gamer. The wrong settings or overdriving any amp based system can shorten its lifespan. Those rules apply here, too. After talking directly to Chris, I was able to purchase with confidence. I also received it so quickly, I was able to have it up and running for the weekends' gig. Mounting the Mini, which is the same basic combo as the "Gamer", directly the throne seat underbody as compared to the throne rod (like the Gamer) makes a world of difference; where I am not needing to run the transducer very hard----which means it will last longer.
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    Dangit, one more thing to buy
    Can you elaborate on the settings you use so you don't fry it?

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      I set up the amp next to my module for easy access. I have found that different kits have different bass frequencies and need to tweak the amp level. You simply have to look at the red "clip" light to see if you are pumping the amp too hard and turn it down until the green indicator light blinks and the the red clip light just barley hits. Even at this level, the tactile vibration is more than hitting an acoustic kick drum.

      It is too easy to just turn it up until your kick drum feels like T-rex dancing on your roof, and overdrive your amp. The reason we spend more time and money than our acoustic counterpart brothers is to get as natural feeling as possible. So this level seems to work. The result is subtle, but adds to the whole experience of "feeling" the music.
      TD20x. trick pedals. Butt kicker
      Psalm 150:5 Praise Him with resounding cymbals; praise Him with clashing cymbals.


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        I'm hoping my placement next to my AV123 MFW-15 running through my HT setup is going to be 'tactile' enough. I have a TD-9SX in the wishlist currently and was planning on running it through my HT AVR with Rocket 850 towers and powered MFW-15 subwoofer. I'm very interested in others feedback on the buttkicker setup and getting some pictures of it implemented.
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          So I got a Mini Concert the other day. What amp should I get to connect this thing? Thanks!
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            The company offers the mini and an amp as a combo. They use a 100 watt. The one that they supply has a two LEDs for aiding in setting. I was surprised how low it needed to be set (maybe 1/3 -1/2) to shake my a$$. I have been warned that if you pump it too high, you are asking for a short lived device.
            TD20x. trick pedals. Butt kicker
            Psalm 150:5 Praise Him with resounding cymbals; praise Him with clashing cymbals.


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              I got one of the cheapo (relatively) Buttkickers for video games/home theater use. http://www.cluboverclocker.com/revie...cker/index.htm

              The first one died after a week even though I barely turned it up - just sort of a light 'bump' to give me a 'real' kick drum feeling. When it failed the fuse would blow every time I turned it on. The company that made it sent me a new one immediately with return shipping for the old one.

              I just hook it to a direct out and send the kick to it, nothing else. It really helps when you're using headphones.
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                What alternatives are there to Buttkicker's own amp offerings? Their mini amp is on backorder (or discontined, I'm not sure). The specs say I need something between 50 and 250 Watts at 2 Ohms stable, but being a drummer, I have no idea what that even means...

                I've looked at several subwoofer amps, but most seem to have much more Ohm-age. Would that be a bad thing?
                Miscellaneous Roland triggers. eDRUMin. Superior Drummer. Logic Pro.