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Hart Dynamic-TD20-Bison Drum Hybrid

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  • Hart Dynamic-TD20-Bison Drum Hybrid

    Here are some pictures of our drummer performing on his Hybrid drums. We have it set up where the edrums are on the left and then integrated into the bison drums . We even have a trigger on the kick so he has 2 kick sounds at once. Sometimes it's two different bass drums and sometimes it triggers other percusion sounds.

    Thanks for looking!

    Zach Fell

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    Impressive kit! Also some nice sounding tunes on your website. Thanks for sharing!
    2Box DrumIt Five, TDW-20BK , additional Kit Toys & Roland cymbals, 2Box, Pearl and Sonor pedals


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      That's a great hybrid setup. Very cool!


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        BISON DRUMS!
        they kick ass man!
        You in Illinois?
        DW Acoustics,TD-20, SPD-S, DrumKat 3.8, DK10,etc,etc...


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          Thanks! It is a great time and enjoy playing our music!

          Originally posted by gmbydmit View Post
          BISON DRUMS!
          they kick ass man!
          You in Illinois?
          No, just north in Kenosha, WI
          They are the best sounding drums recorded or live I have heard. Mitch is an awesome guy and his ideas are exciting!



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            Good old Mitch!

            -He used to bring his apprecntice in to Guitar Center sometimes...and end up teaching me a lot in the process! (Comparing finishes, plys, room sound etc etc etc...)

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