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TD10 Live Sequencing?

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  • TD10 Live Sequencing?

    Hey all,

    I have a TD10exp and will be playing a gig this week...had an idea:

    As a joke, I want to record and then play back a live drum part so I can step out from behind the kit while the TD10 sequencer does its thing.

    I'm know going to need to play the pattern with one hand while fidding with the TD-10 with the other hand.

    Can this be done? If so, what are the settings? Can I use a foot switch to make things easier? What's the simplest way to do this AND to set it up prior to the song so I have fewer steps?

    I'd obviously go out and try this on my TD-10, but it's in someone else's studio right now.

    Thanks - Kev

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    ive been trying this on the TD6, so you could say play the drum part, then play another part over the top. but the problem is you have to hit stop.. then play right away, and if your slightly late or early, it doesnt loop properly.

    I think the only way you will get this working properly is using a computer/software. a hardware looper. boss have a single stomp box that does looping, the RC-2, or a hardware sampler that can play back instantly after sampling.

    myself, im planing to go the computer/software way. using ableton live for looping midi, and a VST plugin called Mobius that does 8 tracks of audio looping.


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      Thanks for the quick reply!

      Yeah, I now I'm going to record right, stop at the right time, and play back correctly, too - but it'd be a neat effect. I won't be using any computer gear to try this one - just me and the TD10.

      cheers - Kev


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        Can't you trigger loops by hitting a pad as the start/stop ? Perhaps that is the way to go?


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          I need to:

          - Have the recorder set up in between songs to record the part I want,
          - Hit Record play the part, then hit Stop while I'm playing,
          - Play the pattern back while I'm playing,
          - Come back to the kit, hit Stop and keep playing

          I can't pre-record the pattern in the event we steer off tempo a bit...