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Using drum samples live through MIDI

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  • Using drum samples live through MIDI

    Does anyone do this? Yes I searched... there is no thread for this yet

    Two questions to start.

    1. I'm thinking about the viability of taking my Edrums on the road with me... and using DFHS 2.0 for sounds. Would i really have to lug around my PC + monitor everywhere? ouch. Is there a better solution? Setup would be hart pads + ecymbals through Alesis I/o and the firewire interface below running sonar with DFHS 2.0

    2. Right now i have this interface: http://www.zzounds.com/item--MDOFW410 There is 8 outs. Does that mean I can route 8 different instruments to the FOH? (toms, cymbals, bass, snare, etc)...

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    Search again. There is an entire section called "VST and Sample Libraries"

    1. You would either need a computer or something like the Receptor. Laptops are nicely portable.

    2. Yep, you can route 8 different instruments, depending on your software. I know BFD can do it. I don't know DFHS, but I suspect it can too.


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      Ah i didn't search that forum, figured the one stage one was appropriate



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        i use the roland spds,it allows u to play the pads as a seperate kit (with additional bass pedal AND ALSO TO TRIGGER SAMPLES/backing tracks etc live as well.

        definitely worth a look