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Which [TD-20] kit(s) for live [use?]

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  • Which [TD-20] kit(s) for live [use?]

    OK.. Im sure this has been asked a million times..

    What kits are you guys using live nowadays..

    What kits work well for FOH guys to add their own effects on. (taking direct outs from the td20)

    I have all the fexpression stuff and have been leaning to the Dave Garabaldi kit for live.. (cant remember what pack its in)



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    I use the Vexpressions Sonar Designer kit from the Exotics kits, I have a TD-12 but it should be the same sound for the TD-20 except one more floor tom and some extra cymbals and reverb. This is one of my favorite kits. Greg


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      I guess you have to take into consideration the amps/speakers you are using and if you are using a woofer when you evaluate your sound?
      I have just got rid of two Alesis sumo 300`s and bought the JBL eon`s and use a sub also and what a difference.



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        I use several from the VEX Studio Series. (and some unreleased mods )
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          Alan... using VEX kits.... NO WAY!?!

          Roland TDW-20 Module VEX'd, Boss FS-6, two DW 9900 holding four Pintech Concertcast toms, Hart Dynamics Pro Snare on DW 9300, Hart Dynamics ECymbal II HiHat on EPedal II, Hart 14" Crash, 12"crash, 14"China, 16"ride on 4X DW 9700 , Pintech DingBat, Roland KD-120, Tama Iron Cobra doubles, Pork Pie Big Boy Throne (Camo).


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            hook us up

            Yeah I will be playing thru a nice line array and a FOH guy that knows what hes doing.. I was planning on throwing my tapco thump behind me for a drum monitor..

            I will keep tying out different kits, but I still like the d gerabaldi kit the best..



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              2Box DrumIt Five, TDW-20BK , additional Kit Toys & Roland cymbals, 2Box, Pearl and Sonor pedals