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    Ok, I have finally got in deep now with my td20..

    In preperation for a live gig in about 2 weeks, I have started to customizie some the vexpresseion kits, but I dont know how to save them..

    Do I need to save them to the flash card? Right now I have a compact flash with all 8 backup sets taking up.. 1 is the original td20 backup and the other 7 are vexpressions ktis.. Do i need to delete one of them?? Get another flash card?? Im so confused

    I really like for example the David Gerabaldi drum kit, but I want to change the aux cymbal to a tamborine for one song and change the two floor toms to scratches for another song.. I know how to change the instruments, but just dont get how to save them.. SO when I play live I will have like 3 or 4 kits with variations of the Dave Garabaldi kit..

    make sense?? not to me



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    If that Backup 1 is just original kits and settings with no tweaks, then I would overwrite that one. You can always revert to original settings by a factory reset, or copying single preset kits without a card; so I doubt if that backup is much use to you. An extra CF card or VDrumLib would expand your capacity for backups. Some people even create folders on the card and move backup sets to and from the root folder where only eight can be recognized by the TD-20.