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Help! [Roland XP-60]

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  • Help! [Roland XP-60]

    Hey Guys/Gals,

    Ive just been offered a great gig playing drums with a (currently) Duo... they run a Roland XP60 sequencer for the Drums and Bass and want me to join the band using my TD20 kit... but... how do we still keep the Bass from the XP60 in the loop...

    How can I get the XP60 to send the bass out front...and also to me... and maybe(possible?) with a click track to just my headphones

    Thanks Guys!!!


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    I am not familiar with the XP-60, however I work live with sequencing every gig. We break down the instruments into a 24 channel board and mix before sending to the audience. I take inserts of the instruments in need to hear off of the main board to my Behringer 1204 mixer and create a mix for my headphones. Headphones are a must because the click track can become lost in crowd/background noise. If I cannot hear the click and percusssion parts I'm trying to play catch up. The sequencing is constant and will not adjust to you like other musicians would, so I had to learn not to fight it-just go with the flow. My mixer is within reach and I can ajust the bass or whatever during a song if I need to hear better. It feels wierd at first, but with a little practice it seems normal. For personal practice, I download the sequencing to an mp3 and run it through my mixer. Sequencing gives us all those xtra studio parts especially the hard to duplicate percussion parts. Sounds very cool from the audience side. Hope this helps.