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TD 50x - 1/4 inch mono master out and XLR outs can they be used at the same time?

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  • TD 50x - 1/4 inch mono master out and XLR outs can they be used at the same time?

    I need to be able to send a mono mix from the 1/4 inch left channel to a stage monitor and balanced Left and Right XLR to front of house - can this be done?

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    I wouldn't do that, the master outs are controlled by the same knob, so there could be a clash to set appropriate levels. It's more conventional to send a monitor feed from the main mixer to the stage monitor and adjust the levels from there. If the setup really calls for it, you could try connecting both outputs, but keep the master knob where it is after setting the level for the FOH.


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      Hey Sonic,

      I totaly agree on Milos. Try to get the monitor signal from the FoH. There you have access to the monitor mix of the whole band and can define how much of the other instruments you want to here in addition to your drum set.

      In addition, if you want to put the FoH engineer in a “better position” to control for the overall mix and the “cutting through” of your drums in the mix, you may provide at least 4 direct outs to the FoH. The outputs of the TD-50X are symmetrical, so you can use a 6,3 inch to XLR cable without using a DI box to connect the cables to the stage box. On the outputs you can rout 1 = BD, 2 = SD, 3+4 = all other signals including their panning position. You could even extend this to 1 = BD, 2 = SD, 3 = HH, 4+5 = all toms, 6+7 = all cymbals (except HH).